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i'm done apologizing for being white


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Jun 11, 2015
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The commie infested, queer loving liberal NE USA
Slavery??! Over the top idiotic bullshit! In a civilized society, obligations go hand in hand with freedoms and rights. Clearly you do not want to be part of civil socirty.

Instead of dancing around the issue with bizarre rhetoric about slavery, why don't you just admit that you are ok with hate and bigotry.

And no, I will no advocate for any punishment for you and your ilk. Just being you is punisment enough
I used the word obligated -not in any legal sense that involves punishment- but rather as part of ones membership in civil society. As I said, it appears that you do not want to be part of civil society.

In your dark and twisted world everyone should be free to do and say whatever they want, and to treat treat others however they want with impunity. The problem is that there will not be equality of freedom. Your freedom is anothers oppression. I get you now, you're a selfish libertarian who weaponizes "freedom" to justify your refusal to fight hatred and to mask your own bigotry

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