If They Had Wings They'd Need A License To fly!!!


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Jul 18, 2020
I have seen close up(inches) Columbian Black-Tailed(CBT) deer doing some pretty impressive 'stotting' & @ longer ranges I've seen the Mulies(Mule deer) stot with both being impressive to me(CBT are a sub species of Mulies).

They are called Gazelles/Springbok(Antelope?). Whatever one labels them as these super charged pogo stick equipped high jump/long jump flying seemingly floating(1:44 unbelievable!!!) airborne PRONKING(new word for me) acrobats are a sight to see. Unlike deer which I do possess a considerable amount of hands on experience with, I have zero experience with these Gazelle/Springbok creatures, I mean when one is shopping for wild/semi domesticated pets one has to take what the available local inventory has in stock. From my previous experience with a herd of CBT deer(mind bending experience!)I believe the narrator's parting words in the vid below are dead center on the bullseye.


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