How Presidents destroy blocking tweets!!!


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Sep 19, 2011
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Fully staffed NLRB raises concerns of pro-labor decisions
While Canzano expects this board to be more pro-labor than boards in the past, he said that what's more important is for the first time in a decade,
the agency will be able to decide cases with a quorum.
The board will feel more comfortable with dealing with more precedent-setting, law-changing decisions, and the majority is clearly held by President Obama's party," he said.

Company regulations often block employees from engaging in "conflictive behavior" on company computers. Trying to organize a union is seen by some employers as fitting that definition.
The NLRB has ruled that such actions stop employees from chatting, texting and tweeting about organizing a union and, as a result, violate employee rights.

Hudson River town wonders what's next as GE plant heads south in latest NY manufacturing loss

Blackley said there's no single reason for New York's drop, but business costs and an older infrastructure likely play a role.

"I think your tax climate, your labor costs, your old capital are probably three of the biggest factors, not only in this specific move,
but a lot of the moves that you see out of New York state," he said
Production workers here average $28.50 an hour, according to estimates cited by the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers Local 332.
Hudson River town wonders what's next as GE plant heads south in latest NY manufacturing loss (12/21/13 2:14 pm)

Guess where they are moving???
GE officials say the plant has been losing money for several years and they will move to an existing facility in Clearwater, Florida, where the company can take advantage of efficiencies of scale. GE spokeswoman Christine Horne said their competitors are in lower-cost locations.

So we have a President definitely PRO-LABOR who appoints two Labor financed lawyers to tell companies how to deal with workers.

Where do you think companies will go then if labor costs go up as this Labor union financed majority board members ideological bent "majority is clearly held by President Obama's party,"?

ONE sure guess is if the National Labor relations BOARD is NOT neutral but consists of Pro-labor .. companies labor costs will continue to skyrocket!
So the only solution is to go to states where there are NO employee income taxes i.e. Florida, Texas.. i.e. states that are gaining jobs!

So it appears while Presidents can't create jobs... their appointments can certainly destroy jobs!

OH.. by the way... a perfect example of Labor unions killing the goose that lays the golden eggs???

"Take grass cutting.
As defined by the current United Auto Worker contract negotiated with the "Big Five" (GM, Ford, Chrysler, and top parts makers Delphi and Visteon), an auto "production worker"
is a job description that covers anything from mowing grass to cleaning the toilets.

In the real world, these jobs would be outsourced to $8 an hour, no-benefit wage earners, but on Planet Big Five, these jobs get the same wages as any auto line-worker:
an average $26 an hour ($60,000 a year) plus benefits that bring the company's total cost per worker to a staggering $65 an hour."
What is the average hourly wage of a UAW auto worker? - Yahoo Answers

ANY wonder businesses are closing in the USA and moving offshore?
where the Average Chinese worker's hourly wage: $0.14.
What is the average wage for auto worker

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