Homeland Security Stops Something!?!?!?!?!?


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Jul 10, 2005
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Sydney, Australia
Some of you may have noticed that my pet peeve is Homeland Security and TSA. Usually I ream TSA but this time it's Homeland Security.

I am moving overseas. During the course of packing I was advised by the movers that "due to new Homeland Security restrictions" we must leave all boxes open to be inspected by the movers, so that Homeland Security will somehow be assured by this that the shipment contains no......bombs or whatever, who knows?

How many things are wrong with this picture?

OK, the movers are not federal agents so what difference does it make what their cursory inspection finds? If I wanted to I could hide anything anywhere. :dunno:

I am not a Muslim. End of that story.

I have a lot of boxes I am moving from storage that were already sealed. Now I have to spend a lot of time opening them or pay the movers to do that. Do I get a tax break for this? No.

In the end nobody is being protected, but I am being harassed and inconvenienced.

This is the kind of invasive crap that allows HS to claim "we are doing everything we can do" when in fact it is a joke. But since the average American will never move overseas it won't bother them what happens to people like me.

What a pathetic joke!:bang3: :bang3: :bang3: :bang3: :bang3:

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