Hiding The Truth-And Claiming That It's Hidden


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Oct 6, 2008
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That's the game the DNC media allies are playing.
They are hiding those NYPost revelations about Joe, proven by the Hunter Biden laptop, and the testimony of the Biden CEO, Tony Bobulinski

1. So the Washington Post has the gall to write:
The Hunter Biden laptop could be fake. Or it could be real. We may never know.
The Hunter Biden laptop could be fake. Or it could be real ...
3 days ago Insisting that the Hunter Biden laptop is fake is a trap. So is insisting that it's real. The lesson of 2016 is to be even more careful with potential disinformation in 2020.

2. But we got proof.....PROOF....when the bonehead of the family (and that's going some for this lamebrained crew) left the incriminating laptop to be exposed to the public.

Not enough?

Hunter Biden signed for the laptop work.

Not enough?

Biden's lawyer demanded the ....HIS....laptop back.

Not enough?

The Biden business partner gave a public confession that he was part of those emails on the laptop, and that Joe as the 'big guy' who got 10% of the fake companies formed, to sell out America.

Evidence: “the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.” Google

3. Now, as I am always here to help, these are the questions that the media could ask Quid Pro Joe, to solve the puzzle:

Questions the news media won’t ask Quid Pro Joe:

1.Are those emails from Hunter’s laptop?

2.Are you ‘big guy’?

3.Is that 10% of the equity being reserved in the Chines company, for you?

4. Did Hunter forget to pick up his laptop at that repair shop in Delaware?

5. Are those normal pictures of Hunter smoking crack and having sex with prostitutes acceptable to you?

6. Was Tony Bobulinski the CEO of yours and Hunter’s company?

7. What was the compelling policy interest to the United State that the prosecutor who was about to investigate Hunter’s company, Burisma, be fired?

8. Not the question Nora O’Donnell asked, “Isn’t it just Russian disinformation?” but how about demanding his denial of the proof. How about playing vid of Bobulinki saying that Joe often planned with Hunter about the Chinese, Ukraine, deals.

9. Is this Hunter Biden’s laptop????

10. Can you explain the FBI subpoena of the laptop as part of a money laundering investigation? FBI Seized Hunter Biden Laptop In Money-Laundering Investigation

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