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Here's the list of Congress you need to call TODAY-they're trying to ram this through


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Sep 15, 2008
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rocky mountains
Well it looks like 39 states, starting with Virginia, have already stated that if congress passes this health care legislation they will not adhere to it. Are we going to have 39 states in this country--aka more than half of this nation seceeding from the Union? We the people of this country have not been represented--& if I remember with no representation there will be no taxation.

Obama has canceled a trip to ram this one through. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. I imagine they're going to do one of they're 3 A.M. votes or do it on Sunday--when no one is watching.

Dick Morris has put out a list of congressmen/women that need to be called TODAY.

Here it is:

Just do it!


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