Here we go...crank up the socialism...a short stop on the way to communism...Biden cabinet wants $2 trillion carbon tax


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Dec 25, 2018
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I am sure this will not damage the economy AT ALL!

You dumb shit libs that voted for Biden really cut your own balls off. Morons.

I don't think you know what the word "socialism" means.
There are many variations. But in the end someone pays. The taxes go up more and more. The scamming will increase geometrically from what it is today with the programs we already have. We have a lot of people who are well versed in playing the system. And more and more are infected to do the same because the load of taxation has made them poorer. The government pays out more and more to people to offset their real dwindling income due to inflation and low wage increases. If you think that when taxes hit 70% in real terms that people will not cheat or play the system then you are the fool. A couple of decades ago in Sweden it paid not to work!


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Apr 1, 2011
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I do not support carbon taxes and they are not going to happen but they would do no more damage to the country than the massive debt Trump left has.
Hun, they are going to happen------the globalists want the tax as a way to make them money and to give more and more control over the world especially the coveted America.
Dims always want more revenue, regardless of the justification they give.
We are $27 trillion in debt. There is justification. you think they're going to use that money to pay down the debt? :laughing0301:
What if they use it to simply not add to the debt? That would at least be better.
They won't, of course. When have the not spent every time of a tax increase and then 4 times more?
Record debt under Trump. You have no soapbox to preach on.
Trump didn't order the shutdown, moron. Dims voted for every dime of that spending.
Republicans had the first two years. Record debt in both. The shut down didn't start till this year and the record debt was already blasted off.
Dims added $3 trillion to it, but you blame it all on Trump?

Have you ever considered that there may be a reason we don't believe a thing libs say?
Yes, I blame it all on Trump. Just as I blame everything that happened under Obama on Obama. That's the way it is. Trump had every right and opportunity to address the issue and veto the spending. He didn't. It falls on him.

Trump and Obama both failed at every aspect of the presidency.
Not on the voters, eh?

That's right, Americans love free everything and low taxes. The first person to break this rule loses.

But now that the DNC seems to have rigged voting, maybe they can begin to tax us into oblivion and nothing we can to do stop it.
If that's what it takes, so be it.
How about we quit all the spending? Do you brainless drones ever consider that?
It's not "my spending" I voted for none of it.................

I've argued for years to bring the troops home. Quit sending billions to others countries as bribes.
Neither did I, so why should I pay for it? However, you did vote for the douchebags like Biden who approve it. You defend them daily.
Again, completely unable to be honest.
Are you saying I spent the money? Where's the evidence for that?

You did vote for Biden and other big spending Dims, didn't you?

Don't lie now.
I've answered that 50 times at least. I voted Jorgensen.

(at least you are no longer arguing you didn't vote for it, only that you personally did not spend it which is nothing more than a cop out)
I didn't vote for it, and neither did you. But you defend the big spenders all day long. You defend both Biden and Piglosi and all the Dims in Congress. Who are you trying to kid?
I laugh at those who claim to care about these things all day.
I laugh at turds like you who believe I want Washington to spend like there's no tomorrow. In an election I have two choices: a candidate who wants to spend more, and another candidate who wants to spend astronomically more.
You said you voted for neither. Which is the truth?
Nope, I didn't say that.
It's a bogus excuse to say you didn't vote for something when you did. Just because you pretend to not like something as long as you continue to vote for it, you are voting for it.
Voting for a person is something wholely different than voting for a policy. I never got a chance to vote on the later. That's the way politicians have set things up. Telling me I'm responsible for policy 'A' because I voted for politician 'B' only shows that you're a douchebag.
Pshaw. You knew who he was and what he would do. You might use that excuse the first time but not the second.
So if I vote for Trump, that means I am supporting all of the positions he has taken on hundreds of issues?

Are you really that much of an idiot?
When you vote to re-elect you are voting for his failed promises.
Hmmm, no. LIke I said: voting for candidate 'A' doesn't mean you are voting for every policy candidate 'A' supports

When they lie to you they know you will vote for them anyway which is why they continue to lie to you.
Is that why you voted for Biden, fool?

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