Hateful divisiveness of intolerant Left

America is being destroyed by the Left. This is but one single example of the pervasive hatefulness, intolerance, and censorship the Left imposes.

With 15,750 administrators for 16, 973 students Stanford has devolved into a public works program for well-paid charlatans supervising intellectual hooligans whose long journey up the Everest of comprehension is now supervised by the spawn of the spawn of the 1960s Marxist professoriate. Parents should demand a refund and all federal funding should be withdrawn.
communism is the religion of the left despite the fact it has no chance of ever working because starvation is hard to deal with
if you are a democrat you haven't outgrown anything but common sense

I have never heard that interesting observation stated before you did so. It has much to commend it.

Look at the loonies Democrats have elected into the highest offices in America.
Look at how miserably Leftist California and Illinois are doing. Falling apart, just the way they like it.

What can you expect from people who don't know male from female, people who celebrate perversion and the murder of innocent unborn babies.

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