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Nov 22, 2003
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Good News Bad News

When is bad news good news? When it is your enemy’s.

Reuters loads us up on the Good News out of Iraq: too many al-Qaeda dead to count in a village in Anbar, where Iraqi security forces just kept killing them all day. US and Iraqi forces raiding into Sadr City, just messing around right now, a death squad leader here, a death squad leader there, gearing up for the big push. And the Iraqi Foreign Minister says 1,000 former Iraqi Army officers are coming back, a “sign of reconciliation.”

It’s gotta be good news when it gets so quiet in Baghdad they are forced to admit it and make news out of it....

...But here comes the bad news: Military spending among our allies, also way down.

A scandal at Walter Reed over the treatment of outpatient WIAs results in the rapid removal of a scapegoat, rapidly replaced by the wrong guy? Good news … there’s heat on leadership in the U.S. Army Medical Command and the VA.

Disturbing news, when staunch Iraq supporter John McCain calls American deaths in Iraq wasted. Still waiting on word back from the McCain camp, which may want to listen to a word on words to the Obama cheering squad: saying you regret you said something isn’t an apology for having said it.

Good news: More trouble in Democratic paradise! Dem Cong divided over surrender plans.

Heartening news: If the Part of Surrender does sort that out and start Murthasizing the military, our resourceful soldiers are ready for it.

Iraq divvies up the oil. This is good news but, like everything else in Iraq, has the potential for bad news. ...

...GWOT good news it is:

Judge to Padilla, if you’re competent to sign your own complaints about torture, you’re competent to stand trial. Meanwhile, Australian Taliban David Hicks, gets the first licks.

But there’s also Bad GWOT news: Al Qaeda establishing new camps in Pakistan

And good GWOT News: Musharraf will force the terrorists out!

Muddied by bad GWOT news: Pakistan denies they are there!

Somewhat better GWOT news … Pakistan throws Taliban No. 3 under the bus.

Wacked GWOT news: the Taliban has a new star in Dadullah....

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