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Germany: AfD leader calls for right of police to shoot at illegal migrants


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Sep 19, 2008
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Brooklyn, NYC
Fat ugly hag Merkel has neither relatives nor friends, almost no one in Germany who like her, she prepares herself to flee to South America after she will be pushed away by Germans. Only completely stupid people can tolerate her invitation to all muslims of the world to move to Germany and to replace Germans by themselves.
Her Party CDU ( practically a Muslim Extremist Left Party ) will lose all three coming elections in few months to AFD who can enter local parliaments with 20 - 40 % all votes.Most of people except traitors from CDU and other liberal parties accept call of Mrs. Petry, but not Merkel, who is outraged because shooting of Muslims can scare other Muslims to move to country and to endanger Merkel's Agenda : 10 millions new Muslims until the End of 2016.

Germany: AfD leader calls for right of border police to shoot at illegal migrants

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