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George Bushes "Ferocity" against terrorists stopped another massive attack....


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Jul 19, 2014
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From mr. waterboard himself......had George Bush acted like the typical democrat and simply launched a few drone strikes at the terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq...we would have had another massive attack against us....but his actual war against the terrorists....knocked them on their asses...

Khalid Sheik Mohammed: 'Cowboy' George W. Bush Shocked Al-Qaeda with ‘Ferocity'

Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), the 9/11 mastermind, conceded that “the ferocity and swiftness” of former U.S. President George W. Bush’s response to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the American homeland that killed nearly 3,000 people took al-Qaeda by surprise.
That revelation is found in psychologist James E. Mitchell’s new memoir, Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying To Destroy America, according to an opinion article by Marc Thiessen published by the Washington Post (WaPo).

The WaPo article is befittingly titled, “A horrifying look into the mind of 9/11’s mastermind, in his own words.”

Mitchell reportedly writes:

How was I supposed to know that cowboy George Bush would announce he wanted us ‘dead or alive’ and then invade Afghanistan to hunt us down? KSM explained that if the United States had treated 9/11 like a law enforcement matter, he would have had time to launch a second wave of attacks.”

However, KSM was unable to do so because al-Qaeda was stunned “by the ferocity and swiftness of George W. Bush’s response,” notes the psychologist.

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