Geezus.....worried about climate? Forget it..... micro-plastics far more dangerous

True, and to tell the truth, I have seen this or an article like this a month or two ago or more. I also think they showed a similar alarming picture, and yes, I did mention to PJ, explaining what I had read, and asking should we be chugging down so much bottle water. If there are actually micro particles of nano-plastics in my Aqaufina from Sam's Club, it would be disquieting. I remember seeing picture of the particles, but do not remember whether it was naked eye/magnifying glass or a significantly high-powered microscope. I suspect maybe the latter, as it jumped out at me the OP linked article.

OK, so here is where I am on the danger to me. I plan to act as if it is negligible danger.

Lets face it. I did drugs that were supposed kill me and did not. I have drank southern illegal moonshine out of cleaned out plastic milk jugs. I have drank water (intentionally or unintentional) from everywhere from mountain streams to swamps (treating when I could), even drinking from streams that ran through military bases, figuring I was probably a couple of km away where some private was pissing in the stream or worse. Running out of water in my canteen, I have literally parted green scum on top of remaining water in a tank track and drank, knowing in 90+ degrees it was safer to drink the undoubtedly bad water in the field, taking my chances on fuel, or microbes, or possible chemicals in water known to be considered non-potable and lived to get back to base, instead of going into heat prostration or heat stroke, figuring if I got sick in a few hours, but made it back, the medics or hospital would get me through, and I was correct.

At almost 70, I am pretty sure nano-plastics from bottled water, plastic straws, throwaway fountain drinks, etc are not what will do me in at my age. So, I figure I will continue on as I have, even since plastics were said to be a danger to me. But, that is just me.:dunno:
Sample of one.
PFAS is the next problem now rearing it's ugly head. It's going to cost towns billions upon billions.
This will get us long before climate does.

I've been following this theme for the past year. It's a subtle health catastrophe far worse and far more immediate that CO2 ppm.


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