Fun and games with job applicants


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Dec 13, 2008
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Shoveling the ashes
Want to test the thinking skills of your job applicants?
Want to test how they respond under pressure?
Want to just screw with them for your pleasure?

Ask these questions during a job interview.

If you could be any comic book super hero, who would it be and why? Oh, and you can't name any from Marvel Comics.

If you had to choose between slapping your spouse or punching your boss, which would you choose? Explain why.

Whom do you think is worse for society, a child molester or a serial killer? Explain why.

What is your favorite genre of porn? None is not an acceptable answer.

Name your favorite illicit/illegal drug. Explain why.

If you had to consume 10 ounces of human blood would you prefer it gelled or dried. Explain why.

If you were a sex toy, what sex toy would you be and why?

Who do you dislike more, your mother or your father? Explain why.

Which would you rather give up, both of your arms and hearing, or both your eyes. Explain why.

If you are homeless and jobless is it better to beg for money at a busy traffic intersection or for food in front of a grocery store? Explain why.

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