"FRAUD!...FRAUD!...FRAUD!" until they get into Court...then


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Jun 27, 2011
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The Trump campaign or Republican allies have brought lawsuits in several battleground states contesting election results that favored President-elect Joe Biden, seeking to stop the certification of results or have ballots thrown out. Under questioning from judges handling the cases, at least two of Mr. Trump’s lawyers have backed away from suggestions that the election was stolen or fraudulent.

In other instances, attorneys representing Mr. Trump or other Republicans have said under oath they have no evidence of fraud. Lawyers also have struggled to get what they say is evidence of fraud admitted into lawsuits, with judges dismissing it as inadmissible or unreliable. A coalition of organizations representing secretaries of state, federal agencies and other top election officials said Thursday there wasn’t evidence that voting systems were compromised during the election.


I heard trump on a daily basis shouting FRAUD!. I read all your posts on the massive stash pf Fraud evidence. You and the Liar in Chief are quick to shout Fraud, but when the attorneys get into Court, there is a hesitation to use the word Fraud. BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY WILL BE SANCTIONED AND POSSIBLY LOSS THEIR LAW LICENSE. Even the top law enforcement officer in the nation has said there is no fraud that would change the results of the election.

If you have evidence of massive fraud, send it to Rudy. Otherwise....SHUT UP!
They have nothing but personal attacks for you and for some reason the mods allow it even though it is against the rules.

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