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France : results of the election - 1st round

padisha emperor

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Sep 6, 2004
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Aix-en-Provence, France
Nicolas Sarkozy (liberal) : 31,11%
Ségolène Royal (socialist) : 25,83%

François Bayrou (center - christian-democrate) : 18,55%

Jean-Marie Le Pen (extrem-right) : 10,51%

Olivier Besancenot (revolutionnary communist): 4,11%
Philippe De Villiers (extrem right) : 2,24%
Marie-George Buffet (communist) : 1,94%
Dominique Voynet (ecologist) : 1,57%
Arlette Laguiller (extrem left): 1,34%
José Bové (extrem left): 1,32%
Frédéric Nihous (rurality and hunters party) : 1,15%
Gérard Schivardi (extrem left, break with EU) : 0,34%

Sarkozy leads, good news.
Le Pen has a bad result, good news.
The extrem left (communists) won't have money from State (only when the list has at least 5%).

I hope Sarkozy will win.

And other good news : participation to the election : 84, 6 % of the french voters (about 44 millions of voters were call to the vote). The biggest participation of the Vth Republic (since 1958). And the non-valid and white votes : 1,44% (weak).

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