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Every Year $1 Trillion Industry Shutting down


Sep 11, 2011
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World porn business and related business is $500 Billion to $1 Trillion every year.

It has been confirmed that porn stars and people appearing in sex videos take drugs and steriods and they show brutal sex on porn websites and sex videos.

Pornography and sex shows is promoting drugs use and steriods use worldwide and they are creating millions of sex psychopaths in world society.

If we cleaned it up - it would mean losing one of largest "Made in the USA" industries left. Obama always says "jobs".

If there are a thousands of new porn sites a day. That creates "employment", at least part-time photo shoot work for millions of drugs adled porn "workers".

I'm no IT expert, but I've been monitoring the "Backbone Super Servers" and they've been fluctuating high, lately. Many Websites that are using the same tunnels have been temporarily brought down because of all the fluctuation.

There are moving the porn websites to .xxx domain so that it will be easy to shut down a single domain or server.

50% porn and sex websites on the internet have been shut down and now there are 30% less viewers for these useless websites.

There is disturbance on the internet. The servers that host porn websites will be shut down. No links. This is insider's information.

Many real rape videos were posted on porn websites and there are thousands of fantasy rape videos on porn websites. So serious actions has been taken.

A British girl was gang raped by people watching porn. Porn language posted on porn websites is out of control and it is used in real life.

So everybody report the porn websites and people involved in porn to law authorities in your country.

Mexico drug cartels are fed multi-billions dollars because of American porn industry which has spread worldwide.

There is serious drugs problems in USA because of porn and sex industry.

This is very serious and important for the safety of your family members.

When all the porn websites are shut down, international police will track down the IP address of computers that visited porn websites.

So everybody delete the porn material stored on your computer and stop viewing porn websites. Law authorities can easily track down anybody's IP address. Stop watching porn if you do not want police in front of you.

If there is a need, army will be called in to destroy porn materials on personal computers. Many countries are involved in shut down of porn.

2 Billion men get angry when they see naked woman (stranger).

2 Billion women get angry when they see naked man (stranger).

Respected British, Americans, Europeans, Russians, Africans, Asians also get angry when they see naked woman and naked man.

Think of India, China, Muslim countries and Arab countries. So 4 Billion people get angry when they see naked people.

Cover all the world people with clothes for shoulders to toe.

Internet was invented by the USA Army in year 1969. I think internet arrived for world people in year 1985.

Now Army will be angry since world people are using army's invention for useless purpose. Army will respond with full physical force.

Read this:

The Pentagon’s newest policy grants the US military the ability to respond to a cyber attack on government networks with physical force – equating hacking to an act of war.

Pentagon declares war on cyber attacks — RT

Pornography is computer based attacks from a foreign country. The Army will respond with full physical force.

If somebody sends porn pictures and porn & sex videos into your house to your family members, what will you do?

Country is similar to a house and citizens are similar to family members.

2 months back, 200 million Americans were watching porn. Now only 100 million Americans watch porn, thanks to my bombardment (rants) and carpet bombing.

I have been given this information:

Get rid of porn in the USA when the presidents own mother, Stanley Ann Dunham did inter-racial porn herself when she was young?

If possible please forward this email/message to all the people you know.


Sep 11, 2011
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There are 16 Federal Secret Police in USA. So be careful when you are on the internet. They can easily track down your computer.


Mr. Forgot-it-All
Jun 5, 2008
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Apr 5, 2010
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