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End Government System


Sep 11, 2011
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Majority of people say Democrats are useless, Republicans are useless. They have fucked up USA and they have destroyed USA economy.

Majority of people in other countries also say politicians and world leaders are useless. They have fucked up world society and they have destroyed world economy.

50% people of countries that have democracy and elections, they do not vote in elections. This means 50% people do not believe in elections.

It is time for military men to takeover or dictators or kings to takeover. No more politicians and no elections. As simple as that.

Paying Taxes in similar to giving a Gun to a monkey. The monkey will fire the gun anywhere.

The more tax revenue earned by the government, the more wasteful expenditure or wasteful expenses will be done by the government such as presidential plane air force one and other fleet of planes, 412 limousines for USA government, $200 million India vacation for Obama (not sure), excess security for world leaders who cannot think properly and many other wasteful expenses.

So minimum tax revenue should be paid so that world people have many times more money to spend for their family.

End of government system

$5 Million Man Dominates $55 Billion Super-Rich.

Obama "It's all the fault of the "rich", they stole your money and job and we have to make them pay"

Obama is worth $5 million only but American super-rich are worth $25 million to $55,000 million or $55 billion.

Why do super-rich people allow a $5 million man to dominate them?

Obama gave $9 Trillion whatever bailouts to bankrupt companies whose employees are paid $1 million to $100 million commission/incentive every year. Now Obama wants to increase the taxes for the rich and end the Bush tax cuts and Obama is saying ""It's all the fault of the "rich", they stole your money and job and we have to make them pay"

$5 million person is also rich person. Obama is worth $5 million. Basically Obama is talking about himself when he says ""It's all the fault of the "rich", they stole your money and job and we have to make them pay"

Obama has some mental problems. He cannot think properly. Read Obama's child history and you will understand what I mean. Obama thinks he is God. He can do anything he wants. I had seen a picture where Obama was behaving like a supernatural being. Maybe the picture was fake.

Something tells me Obama was planning something big but somebody stopped him.

Barack Obama, after the Egyptian revolution “We should raise our Children to be like the Egyptian Youth”

David Cameron, The British prime minister said” We should teach the Egyptian revolution in our schools”

Silvio Berlusconi, The prime minister of Italy said” Nothing new about Egypt, The Egyptian just created the history as usual”

Jens Stoltenberg, Norway Prime Minister said “Today, We all are Egyptians”

Heinz Fischer, President of Austria said “The Egyptian people are the greatest in the world and deserves the Nobel prize for peace”

CNN, One of the major TV News Channels “For the first time in history we witness people revolute and clean the streets afterwards”

Egypt latest News by Memphis Tours”Egypt in the World’s eyes” « Sightseeing, Cruise Holiday Travel, tours, trips package in Egypt

When world leaders do not know what they are speaking and what will be the end results then "it is over".

Somebody has rightly said "The governments gone mad"

The biggest problem with democracy and elections is that everybody can vote. So prostitutes, porn people, sex maniacs, frauds, scam people, criminals also vote and elect president and prime minister.

Young people who are 18 years or 20 years old and have less knowledge of the world also vote in elections. People who are less intelligent and have less knowledge of the world and finance they also vote.

So in year 2008, porn people and prostitutes and sex maniacs also voted. I am sure porn people and prostitutes support Obama and these useless people voted for Obama is year 2008.

So today the world economy and world society is in serious trouble because everybody can vote in elections.

When majority of people in the world society is ruled by porn and prostitution then understandably there will be never ending financial crisis because frauds and scam people are involved in porn and prostitution.

When majority of people are busy with sex and naked people then frauds, scams, financial idiots rule the world economy. So there is never ending financial crisis.

Aliens, foreigners, outsiders have voted for Obama in year 2008. This is the biggest warning and reason why there should be no elections. Only selected few true owners of the land must elect their leader.

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