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Dramatic Moment NATO Warship Takes Out Suspected Pirate Boat


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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City
Off Somali Coast In Fierce Gun Battle

-- Daily Mail


Courtesy HNLMS Rotterdam

* Pirates opened fire with AK-47s as the HNLMS Rotterdam was carrying out routine surveillance off Somali coast
* One person on pirate sailboat killed and 25 others rescued after jumping into water as dhow went up in flames
* NATO commander: 'It is obvious the scourge of piracy has not gone away and we need to maintain vigilance'

This is the dramatic moment a NATO warship returned fire on a group of pirates in one of the world's most dangerous shipping lanes.

The HNLMS Rotterdam, NATO's flagship counter-piracy boat, was carrying out routine surveillance off the Somali coast when they spotted the suspicious dhow, a type of small boat often used by pirates.

As it approached the boat, the pirates pulled out their AK-47s and opened fire, sparking a fierce gun battle.

Read more ....Dramatic moment NATO warship takes out suspected pirate boat off Somali coast | Mail Online

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