Downunder: Again fake "[i]slamophobia": Arabs set fire to pAlEStInIAn burger shop try to invent bloodlibel on Jews


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Nov 20, 2023
This looks like a typical despicable CAIR lobby story in our USA..
Fakestinian racism.

Second Burgertory blaze accused faces court.
Emily Woods, Australian Associated Press, February 1, 2024

A second man has faced court accused of setting fire to a Melbourne burger shop, leading to a violent clash between Israel and Palestine supporters.
Habib Musa was charged with arson over a fire at Burgertory restaurant in Caulfield on November 10, which allegedly caused $450,000 of damage, court documents reveal.
The 27-year-old is also charged with theft for allegedly stealing a gold 2010 Mercedes Sedan, worth $10,000, on the same day….
His case will be joined with his alleged co-accused, Wayle Mana, who remains in custody after a court hearing on Thursday when he refused to appear due to a severe leg injury….
The Burgertory shop’s owner claimed the fire was a hate crime, which he said was linked to his involvement in a pro-Palestine rally.
Two groups of about 200 people clashed near a synagogue and the Burgertory store, hours after the owner made the claim.
Victoria Police said there was no evidence the blaze was racially or politically motivated.

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