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  1. Litwin

    Putin´s oligarch, R. Abramovich (owner of Chelsea) , controls companies that have donated $100m to an Israeli settler organisation.

    Great News (not for "russian" babushkas with 9.132 rubles (120 dollars ) pensions ) , Look like Romka is ready to sell his Putin´s business empire and Move to homeland , which is in way better shape than Nigeria with snow Putin´s oligarch, R. Abramovich (owner of Chelsea) , controls...
  2. TDontTouchMyCigars

    Deal of the century: Israeli Arabs Cities might become part of the PLO state

    After years of 'Apartheid', after 2000 October riots, Finally the Arabs will have their opportunity to become a part of the Palestinian state. Meanwhile, Arab citizens in Israel: We will die and won't become Palestinian citizens, we are Israelis Arabs don't want to live under Muslim state...
  3. TDontTouchMyCigars

    Israel to allow its citizens to travel to Saudi Arabia

    As PM Netanyahu said: 'In the middle east you do peace with the strong, not with the weak'
  4. Litwin

    "Russian" air strikes kill 34 civilians near Deir Az Zor

    For how long Muscovites and Iran can maintain Ethnic cleansing of the Sunni Arabs before the world community start to do something to these war- criminals ? " At least 34 civilians, including nine children, have been killed in a Russian air raid on Euphrates River ferries near Syria's Deir...
  5. Litwin

    Moscowistan, Diaries of the Last years of Mongol project Ulus of Juchi / Daily update

    Diaries of the Last years of Mongol project Ulus of Juchi . Paid trolls from Olgino are suggesting that Islam take over Europe. but In reality Islam takes over Muscovy (ulus of Juchi). or just back roots (Muscovy was an Islamic "country" up to 19 century) ? comments? " Kurban Bairam...
  6. Litwin

    "Russia" Slowly but Surely Putting an End to the American Empire

    I will post more of Muscovite paid propaganda from " russia-insider", RT, Sputik, life -news , channel 1 , etc. its funny ;) this time " russia-insider" (Kiselev/Olgino ) suggests, that self-proclaimed " "Russia" (as mr. google said "Nigeria in snow") Slowly but Surely Putting an End to the...
  7. anotherlife

    Merkel Decoded

    Ever wondered why Merkel does this absurd immigration game? Here is an explanation. Before the Arabs this winter, all the insolvent EU countries sent their citizens to Germany to survive. But if you are a German creditor, you need to send them back, or you lose your interest income. So, how...

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