Donald Trump Stops Rally When Man Has Medical Emergency

I'm surprised the thread title isn't "TRUMP SAVES LIFE OF MAN AT RALLY!"

They shamelessly worship the man, yet deny their cultish and slavish behavior.

What would you have rather he'd done? Not even mention it at all like Biden would have done?
Were it dems they would going through the victim's pockets for his wallet, loose change, and stealing his shoes.

Jokes aside I doubt FJB would even have even acknowledged the EMS's job.
One small correction: Democrats don't even wait for someone to be incapacitated before they go through their victim's pockets for their wallets, loose change, or stealing their shoes. They do it right out in the open.
Many of you will find you can't reply in this thread, seeing as how y'all can't stay on topic and also ignored DTMBs warning above. Deal with it!

The thread topic is NOT about covid, vaccines, etc.

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