Debate Now Did Trump Really Violate The Law?

I tried with you but I give up. You just don't listen that's the problem. 🙄
That quick?

I've answered every single premise I could ascertain. Giving you my opinion to all of them.

On the other hand, you ignored most of mine. Didn't bother... evade if you will. You accuse me of missing your point. While I'm quoting myself making that same point in the previous post. And quoting you saying the opposite in the one before that.

You said you are capable of admitting you're wrong, and I even saw you do it once. But it seems to me that when confronted by someone who directly answers your questions you now want to run. After 3 posts. It's of course your choice. But maybe, just maybe you should reread my posts and try to actually listen to me with the open mind you claim to possess.

I'll put it like this. I think I can put in my own words every premise you think you have. Can you honestly claim you can do the same.

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