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Democrat hypocrisy now glaring through and through from NYC.


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Jan 23, 2014
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Central Ohio
So I love this.... I just love it.

Screenshot_2021-01-13 Andrew Cuomo ( NYGovCuomo) Twitter.png

So lets review real quick. You can watch the videos if you want, but I'll summarize here.

All summer long.... all summer long... we were told that they can't reopen the economy, that "If it saves one life, it's worth it!"

Andrew Cuomo openly told Trump not to rush to reopen the economy, because money is not more important than human life.

NOW.....*NOW*.... Andrew Cuomo is telling people.....

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 5.57.46 PM.png

The cost is too high! Money over lives! Look at the graph above. Covid cases are dramatically increasing, many times faster than over the Summer. What about lives are more important than money, Cuomo? Huh? What happen to that?

I love the first video, where a reporter asks about the millions of people who can't get a job because they are in nonessential industries, and Cuomo's reply pretty much "Get a job. Get one by the end of the day" (or something like that).

I love it. "I've never done surgery before, but Cuomo said...."

This is fantastic. This is what I love about Democrats. Just give them enough time, and they'll prove their lies, hypocrisy and blind lust for power.

What changed between "Don't put money above lives" Cuomo, and "We can't afford it! We must reopen!" Cuomo?

Why was exception low Covid rates, still a justification for locking down the economy, and massive high spiking Covid rates, not a justification to keep locking down the economy?

Well we on the right-wing, all know the answer. Biden won. They got what they wanted. Political power. Cuomo never cared about lives, and proved that every day he was in office. But the mindless lemmings of the left-wing followed his lies, like they were divine truth.

This is the best part of Left-wingers, is that they routinely blame and accuse others of doing exactly what they do. Like they'll point out 'how can those Trump supporters believe Democrats stole the election?'.

I agree. I as things stand today, there simply isn't enough evidence to support the idea that they stole the election. Was there fraud? Yes. Was there a lot of fraud? Yes. Was there enough to change the outcome of the entire election? No, not that the evidence shows so far.

But as much as left-wingers decry Trumpers following him no matter what he says.... YOU GUYS ARE NO BETTER! Look at Cuomo! He lied to you for the ENTIRE YEAR... and you bought it like loyal mindless lemmings that you are. You are no better. All those idiots at Capital hill that had no business breaking into the place... YOU ARE NO BETTER. Look at your politicians. Look at them lying to you non-stop. You are just as dumb, just as mindless, just as blind bumbling idiots, as any Trumper anywhere. You are *NO BETTER*. :D

Cuomo just proved you are no better. All that crap about "it's worth it, if it saves one life", and here we are seeing massive massive spikes in Covid rates, higher than it's been in almost 9 months, and here Cuomo is "We have to reopen. Can't afford staying closed!". What happened left-wingers??? HUH?? Oh... you won the election, so all that savings lives by closing the economy crap, isn't required anymore. So magically money is more important than lives.

"Hypocrisy" should be on the seal of the DNC.


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Oct 31, 2012
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Orange man bad.

Go away.

Orange man bad!


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Jul 29, 2009
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Illinois, USA
Sock it to him...

Ram it home, girls... ram it home... :auiqs.jpg:


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Jun 25, 2010
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On the way to the Dark Tower.
I urge normal people to leave Democrat shitholes.

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