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"Democracy & Rule of Law": Slave masks for the subject


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Sep 19, 2008
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Brooklyn, NYC
Politicians do not wear masks, only subjects of new lords.
How oft you've seen muzzles ( masks) on ugly mugs of Putin, Kurz, Merkel, Macron, Conte etc?
This gang first enslave you, than robe you, than starve you and than kill you by Gates's 'vaccine'.
The criminals from above and MS presstitutes tell you lies about Covid-19, scare you, close your churches and prepare your souls for the Hell.

What does the benefit of a respirator depend on? - Clear answer: On whether there are any. For a long time there were none. Now there is. What does the subject think, if there are any? - Clear answer: At last I can protect "us together" with a face mask, which the same politicians who denied the usefulness of this mask when there was none now claim that not wearing the now existing mask entitles them to punish me for not wearing one. An examination of the subservient state of mind.
s gives masses of explanations about the corona mask by well-known physicians and virologists. From the head of the German Medical Association to the World Disease Organization (WHO) and Prof. Drosten himself, to the Federal Minister of Health, who is actually a bank clerk, there are well-documented statements about the lack of use of respirators. This fits perfectly to the surely purely coincidental side effect that there have been no masks for a long time. Never mind, they said, we don't need them anyway. To wear a mask for a longer time was said to be very unhealthy. But now, all of a sudden, there are enough masks - and suddenly, we can't do without them anymore. I wonder how it comes? And what is it really all about?
It is pointless to deal again with the question of the usefulness of a respirator. This happened weeks ago when there was none. After all, whether smoking is harmful or not does not depend on whether cigarettes can be bought or not. By the way, there have been reports in the last few days that nicotine can prevent a Covid 19 infection. If this were true, the health dictatorship and its medical clergy would have received the final blow.
From the time of slavery comes the custom of putting on face masks for the lawless. Slaves who had to harvest sugar cane in the French colony of Guadeloupe wore face masks during slave labor to prevent them from eating sugar cane. Someone who puts on a mask at the behest of a powerful man obediently obeys the order to depersonalize himself. And because he obeys it, it is also clear what he has already been before: a subject, a work slave. He did not want to admit it. The German welfare state, - was he a welfare state lately? Or was it rather an 80 million slave-owner state, in which a caste of social functionaries, professional redistributors and benefit recipients kept an army of about 20 million work slaves, who had to deliver at least half of their earnings to their masters and mistresses? It cannot be ruled out that there is a connection. Anyone who lets so much of his life be stolen in order to finance not only his own survival but the survival of all others as well, is likely to put on a slave mask when he is ordered to do so. The free man does not wear a mask, never.
It is possible for a connoisseur of human nature to recognize whether he is being lied to or not, not only because he checks the words he hears for their logical content, but also because he observes the speaker. You only have to let a liar speak long enough and observe him carefully. Often facial expressions and gestures betray him. Every criminal psychologist knows this. But also feelings, with which one should keep behind the mountain, become visible in the facial expressions. Carefully suppressed tears reveal whether someone is struggling to hold their composure, while they claim that something like this does not upset them. You can love a person for not wanting to bother you with his state of mind. If he has a mask on, then that does not work. The free man does not have to pretend.

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