Death and Other Details on Hulu - unnecessary fake accents


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Jan 23, 2021
We are enjoying this show, but the fake accents are ridiculous and distracting. The main character, Rufus Cotesworth played by Mandy Patinkin, has some weird unidentifiable accent. The ship designer has a posh English accent that comes and goes in the same sentence, and the Interpol Agent Hilde Ericksen sounds like she used Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places as her accent coach.

There is no reason for these accents. They add nothing to the story. I don't get why directors make that choice.
I know a lot of people here hate Disney and vowed to not support them so don't forget Disney owns the controlling stake in Hulu and is taking total control of Hulu.

So if you pay for Hulu, you're putting money in Disney's pocket.

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