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Dear Democrats: Let's make history by saving history (my response to yellowdogs)


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Jan 21, 2010
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National Freedmen's Town District
(my response to an email I received from yellowdog Democrats, asking to donate additional money to get the word out to Texas mail in voters to keep pushing for Hillary)

Dear Democrats:

If we are going to raise millions of dollars in support for Hillary Clinton, let's do that and more!

I'd like to propose we, the Democrats of Houston, Harris County and Texas, rally through public and

independent media, to raise $2 million to buy land to create a historic Campus to honor our first

African American President Barack Obama, and our future first woman President.

With the same effort it takes to push for donations and votes, we can save

three national historic landmarks, where the publicity achieves three goals at once.

I propose to reclaim the historic Astrodome to serve as an international convention center,

where Clinton can lead a people's Congress and Senate for representation by party,

especially to address pressing issues of immigration and trafficking across our borders,

and to restore the Freedmen's Town historic district as a campus for training

veteran and minority leaders in all areas of government in order to run for office.

Under Obama, this campus can fulfill the vision and legacy of his

Executive Orders for Excellence in African American Education.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee signed on to historic federal plans to

renovate the national historic complex of Allen Parkway Village, both a Civil Rights

landmark and a military WWII site, as a sustainable campus managed by

democratically-elected tenant council as orchestrated by Lenwood Johnson.


These plans have never been funded or realized, while millions of our taxdollars

were instead subverted to pay corporate developer interests to seize and destroy historic

property, not just APV but also the surrounding Freedmen's Town district, which are

both registered national historic sites. These, along with the Astrodome,

constitute THREE nationally registered sites that we could save with the same

effort it takes to publicize this national campaign to honor our historic landmarks and leaders.

With your donation money, please invest in this campus plan, and join the call for national unity

among all African American and minority leaders, in forming a coalition with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, to raise $2 million for KPFT public radio and USVETS to buy land and save historic houses for minority and veteran volunteers to launch and lead this campaign, and take our growth as a nation to the next level.

Let's make history by saving history, and build a sustainable campus we can replicate nationwide to rebuild

every district that has suffered political destruction from gentrification as Freedmen's Town has.

Thank you very much for using your dollars to save history and make history at the same time!

Yours truly,

Emily Nghiem



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