De Blasio Announces System For Reporting Social Distancing Violations: Knowledgeable Actors Reporting Edict Noncompliance (KAREN).


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Mar 3, 2013
Right coast, classified

This should be good ... Wait until demonic rats realize it eats them too LOL........ and the pricks who posted pictures to some of us " tinfoil hats". yeah and fk u we get the last laugh again cyka!
Sounds an awful like the fascists in Germany during Hitlers rise or the old Soviet Union.
Democrats create a system of reporting on one another, ratting each other out, allegiance to the State. This is the exact model that led to execution of mass amount of Jews in Germany. Why would Democrats and Jews that support Democrats, have anything to do with such a model?

Holocaust survivors over the years have warned US of Brownshirt models of shit like this as well as taking away the right to bear arms and attacks on religion by the State.

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