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Feb 18, 2005
Some Islam guy was on TV saying we should all convert to his "religion" before it's too late. My answer is that we should send a few million Christian missionaries over to their places and convert them to our religion. Then there will be peace.
Some Islam guy was on TV saying we should all convert to his "religion" before it's too late. My answer is that we should send a few million Christian missionaries over to their places and convert them to our religion. Then there will be peace.

We already send missionaries to Muslim countries.
We already send missionaries to Muslim countries.

It's very limited, as to the numbers of Christian missionarys that work in the Middle East, Islamic countrys. They are not accorded a welcome status by the respective governments or indigenous people. As a result, most Christian missionary work aimed at the Muslims is done in Europe..i.e. France, Germany, Great Britain, and a little in the U.S..

Even France is becoming very difficult for Christian missionarys working with the Muslim populations that are predominantly Algerian, as France is making it harder for missionaries to get Visas granted, to enter France from the U.S. and other countries. I know of one such married couple from California that has been in France, on and off over the last few years working with Muslim University students who have immigrated to France predominantly from Algeria.

You can't legally do Christian missionary work inside of Saudi Arabia, or many of the other large/small Islamic countries of that region. Inprisonment, torture, and strong chances of death face the missionarys.

The best chance for the gospel in those regions is to have converts that re-enter the region who are natural born citizens of those countrys. That's the reason why these Christian missionarys are working with the Muslim, student populations extensively in Europe. Many of these students, if converted may desire to go back to their countries of birth.

Even so, with the native converted muslim citizen, there is great risk coming back to your home country, as any Muslim that converts to Christianity is shunned, and even under threat of life and limb as the teachings of the Koran weigh a heavy toll upon the head of those ex-Muslims.

We were told of one such young Algerian coed, who recently converted to Christianity, was so troubled, knowing that if her family knew she had converted, they would totally cut her off from her family if she returned ot Algeria. In fact the missionarys when sharing here in the U.S. about this women to some Christian groups, had to use a fictitional name for the women, so that Muslims in the U.S. could not contact her family back in Algeria about her conversion.

Us American born folks often don't realize the threats and dangers that face many in the world when they convert to Christianity. It is not unlike the times in ancient Rome when Christians were summarily rounded up and imprisoned, tortured, and sacrificed in Roman games of sport.

We ask for prayer when our house payment is running late, or our back aches.......etc.......Often we are really out of touch with the rest of the world when it comes to the importance and ramifications of the Christian gospel....i.e. conversion/new life it imparts on the disparaged, and forgotten one's. I'm not knocking prayer for our needs as Americans living the life that we have here, but I think we minimalize what our brother's and sisters elsewhere endure in the name of Christ. Making a commitment to Christianity, is a very big commitment indeed to those that face death, family separation....etc.. for doing so.

Being a Christian in the U.S. has it's moments of frustration, and even some persecution, but in comparison to what converts face in other parts of the world, we are really blessed, and fortunate. So far we face Christian and Jewish symbols of our faith removed from government sites, expressions of our faith in public run/owned gatherings......i.e. prayers referring to Christ, etc....

These still can be the precursors of more stringent, threatening constraints upon Christians in the U.S., yet we are still miles ahead in the "liberties" area in comparison to what Christians have elsewhere.

Secularism, humanism, relativism, Voltairism, has really killed a lot of Christian influence in the U.S., while cultural/Traditional-religious differences are the main reasons for resistance to the Christian gospel elsewhere.

Actually, there may be some great opportunities for the gospel in the U.S., with the influx of many immigrants to the U.S. who have come from regions of socio, religious, class, and economic oppression. I'm not thinking so much along the lines of Mexican immigrants, but those that have come from Asiatic and Eastern European areas. Most of the Mexican population has brought with them a Catholic Christian religious life to a large extent.

I hate to say it, but wholesale, bonifide, biblical, Christian revivals often come on the "heel's of suffering of a nation as a whole.......i.e. the severe, economic depression(1929-41), wars(Civil, ww1-2) revolutions(1770's), famines(Dust Bowl), plagues(Spanish Flu) governmental oppression(Soviet Empire, Red China), etc...

Actually, suffering of any sort in a Christian's life, should bring about a condition of dependency upon their Creator. It may initially result in rebellion, anger, revolt, but sooner or later, surrender has to happen in most cases. Surrender is the only time, when most Christians are in a position of listening to their Creator, and realizing that the things of this world aren't as important as the eternal.

Financial hardship, sickness, deaths, employment woes, divorces, all are terrible to contemplate, yet with the Christian, these unwelcome occurrences may be the only means to grow in faith, and become a more useable vessel for the Creator's glory rather than the vessel's.
8 ballpocket, thank you for making my point regarding the consistency with Islam through the Koran. There is a plan, they are working their plan.

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