Chinese soldiers entered Indian territory, faced off with troops last week


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Apr 20, 2013
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Ladakh: Chinese soldiers entered Indian territory near the Line of Actual Control last week and had a confrontation with Indian troops before returning to their positions, sources said today.

According to sources, the latest row began when three Indian shepherds were allegedly caught by the Chinese for straying into their territory a fortnight ago.

About a week ago, Chinese troops from Chepzi in Chinese territory reportedly walked up to Indian positions in Chumur in Ladakh, 300 km from Leh. Sources say about 15 soldiers from both sides came face to face, which was followed by a heated exchange. After a discussion however, each side retreated to their positions, sources said.

Two flag meetings have reportedly been held to resolve the row, the second of which took place at the Chushul area on Saturday. The Chinese have reportedly held back two dozen horses of the shepherds.

The Indian army has denied a report that the Chinese pitched tents in Chumur, which has seen the most number of incursions in the past year. This is the only area along the India-China border where the Chinese have no direct access by road to the Line of Actual Control, or the de facto border.

There has been a spurt in Chinese intrusions since April this year, when about 50 Chinese soldiers crossed the Line of Actual Control and set up a remote camp at Daulat Beg Oldie in the Depsang Valley, 19 kilometres into Indian territory. On May 6, both sides agreed to pull forces back to positions held before the confrontation, ending the 21 day stand-off.

Chinese soldiers entered Indian territory, faced off with troops last week: sources |

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