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China Takes Aim at Boeing and Airbus


conscientia mille testes
Jun 17, 2010
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The Bay Area Soviet
I wasn't aware that GE was on board man from Nov 2010...wonder where they are on this? ....jokes on me I guess...or, GE and Honeywell need to help China ....booyah! Immelt needs to work with the WH....oh, wait. :doubt:

China Takes Aim at Boeing and Airbus
With the C919, the Chinese are taking on Western aircraft makers with the help of Western suppliers such as GE and Honeywell

At a recent air show in Zhuhai, China, two women in red flight attendant uniforms welcomed visitors to a mock-up of a new narrowbody jet that will seat up to 150 people and have its maiden flight in 2014. The plane is the C919, designed by state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (Comac) to grab a piece of the passenger jet market from Airbus and Boeing (BA). "The interior is clean and bright, not a bad feel," says Jennifer Huo, a 34-year-old public-relations executive from Shanghai. "I feel proud that China can come up with such a plane."

One reason that China can come up with such a plane is that the companies that supply Boeing and Airbus are working with Comac as well. CFM International, a venture of General Electric (GE) and France's Snecma, is supplying all of the C919's engines. GE Capital Aviation Services (Gecas), the world's largest airplane leasing company, says it will buy as many as 10 of the new planes. "The decision to add C919s to the Gecas fleet shows our confidence in the commercial prospects for the aircraft and strengthens the relationship with our Chinese partners," Mark Norbom, president & chief executive officer of GE China, said in a statement.

more at-

China Takes Aim at Boeing and Airbus - BusinessWeek

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