Canada Arrests Chinese Spy After Being Tipped Off by U.S. Intelligence


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Aug 6, 2012
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As I said even before the ink was dry, America tipped us off about the RCMP office who was a double agent. What do you know, I'm right again (pretty damn easy when you know how Canadian policing works).

Here is how Canadian covert police work: nepotism, cronyism, "manufacture threats" to justify ones existence and protect one from the fact they are poor, low performing, abusive and unimpressive, take the taxpayer to the woodshed along the way as National Security and our allies are harmed. Violate our Charter of Rights while politicians shrug their shoulders. Canadians and U.S interests pay the price. You keep coming back to share more and more with us.

Toronto Police Service, OPP and the RCMP, stab Canadians and our allies in the back with B.S and lies for CYA. How many times have I repeated this? I'm not stating it just because they have terrorized my family and I, they hire some of the most self serving, ill equipped, morally bankrupt human beings you can imagine. There are many MANY more who won't be caught or exposed, across multiple covert police agencies. How can such a small, insignificant nation have so many terrorists exported and so many covert police compromised?

Is Canada a national security threat to the U.S? You better believe it. Trust them at your own expense. I have nothing to hide, I've called them out in emails, offered them to dispute my allegations and what I know. Not once do they counter what I know.

Tell me, what agency would remain silent when their political bosses and media contacts are privy to my details?

Canada Arrests Chinese Spy After Being Tipped Off by U.S. Intelligence - ClearanceJobs

Canada arrested and arraigned a senior member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Cameron Jay Ortis Friday. Ortis was the director general of an intelligence unit at RCMP headquarters who was identified as a potential source of Chinese intelligence by the United States.

According to media reports, the United States learned of Ortis from a Chinese intelligence officer whom they had “flipped.” While other media reporting references possible covert communications with Chinese intelligence dating back to at least 2015, .

The “flipped” intelligence officer may be referencing Chinese Ministry for State Security officer, Deputy Division Director Yangun Xu, who was arrested in Belgium and extradited to the United States in October 2018 for his participation in multiple espionage investigations targeting the U.S. aviation industry and the attempt by China to seed an asset into the United States Army Reserve program which resulted in the arrest of Ji Chaoqun (Ji) in early October 2018.
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