Brit's have boots on the ground in Ukraine


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Dec 12, 2014
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I'm sure this will kick it up a notch. Unbelievable.

Germany accidentally leaked British military secrets to Russia by using off-the-shelf video phone technology to discuss missiles in Ukraine.

The head of the Luftwaffe told air force officers and a general who dialed in from his hotel room how British and French officials were delivering Storm Shadows to Ukrainian soldiers.

He also said British troops were “on the ground”, a highly sensitive detail that has already caused division and infighting among Nato allies.

Recordings of the call were broadcast by a Russian state television executive. The Kremlin maintains that Nato troops on the ground represent a serious provocation.
Another participant on the call, believed to be Brigadier General Frank Graefe, discussed the training of Ukrainian troops on German soil. He said after they had been trained and were ready to return to Ukraine, the “right course of action” would be for Britain to “take over”.

“Just imagine the uproar if the media were to find out,” he added.

Germany spills British military secrets to Russia
Old hat .
The Mad Midget has always been handled by MI6 within Five Eyes Agreement protocols .

Why do you think it took so long to secure Bakhmut and more recently Avdiivka ?
Because of the high concentration and presence of ex NATO personnel, nominally counted as UAF , but registered as Mercenaries to private contractors .
Naturally Moscow has been aware throughout, which doubtless is part explanation why they brought in specialist fighters from Chechnya and Dagestan . Thanks to the special relationship between Dear Uncle P and Ramzan Kadyrov.

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