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Bring in The Army


Oct 16, 2011
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Just read the thread "Police use dogs on peaceful protestors in UK"

Also read that American Nazi Party is involved in Occupy wall street protest and yesterday police cars were set on fire in USA.

Bring in the Army. There will be big riots.

A man was killed for 50 cents. This man was toll attendent and he was shot dead for asking for 50 cents or 21 Indian ruppees toll.

Few days back a woman killed another woman for $1 or 50 Indian ruppees.

There have been many cases worldwide where thieves kill somebody for $100 or $200.

If somebody pays $10,000 or $20,000 to a contract killer then the killer will eliminate the person.

It is said that serial killers for example tend to have a history behind them, such as cruelty to animals as a young child, killing and disecting animals, anger and aggression, withdrawal from society and more - all present from a young age.

But there are atleast 1 Billion hunters in this world who kill animals for food everyday.

There are atleast 1 Billion people with anger and aggression and who are withdrawal from society and more.

Does this mean there are 1 billion potential serial killers in this world?

Middlle east countries or Muslim countries are perfect examples for 1 Billion serial killers.

But there are aggressive and dangerous people in all the countries. So there 2 billion potential serial killers in world society.

Atleast 4 Billion people are retard or have mental problems.

Bring in the battle tanks and armoured vehicles. You do not know what is heading for you.

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