Boston mayor soft on crime


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Aug 11, 2017

Woke Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu, who has been mayor of Boston since November 2021 has long supported a progressive approach to crime but is now looking for some of the most basic offenses to be completely off-limits to prosecution.

Wu has argued for charges including shoplifting and disorderly conduct to be beyond the reach of prosecutors along with other serious crimes including the receiving of stolen property and even driving with a suspended license.


Mayor Wu knows that criminals are an important part of the corrupt and racist Democratic Party's voter base.
Progressive Culture produces illiterate criminal Democrat voters.
The Democratic Party's backwards and regressive culture drives the mainstream productive people out of the Democrat cities and states.
People are moving to the Republican states to escape the Democrat dystopia.
This information really needs to be published and distributed to criminals being released from Texas, Florida and other anti-crime states. Let the parolees know that they can pursue their chosen careers in the City of Boston without being persecuted.

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