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Bonnie and Clyde (1967).....


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Aug 19, 2010
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On a hill
Been many years since I had saw this, as it turned out Bonzi had never seen it.
So we watched it. Pretty much as I remember it... pretty good movie. An element of comedy, drama, action and romance.
But that is far as it goes.
Today there is the internet. And I got a little curious about the pair and quickly found out about the only thing the movie represented correctly was their names... Bonnie and Clyde. The rest of the movie was a complete fantasy. Well, except for how they died. That last couple minutes of the movie was fairly accurate.
The movie represented the two, as Robin Hoods of sorts... robbing the big bad banks during the depression. Reality... they talked about robbing banks, but they actually mainly robbed small mom and pop stores in dead beat towns. And a few gas stations. In total, it is believed the maximum total of all of their little hold ups never exceeded $1500. The banks robbed, was not Bonnie and Clyde. That was Bonnie and Ray. Whose character wasn't even in the movie. Bonnie sometimes drove the getaway car, but usually was not even there.
Oh... and Bonnie was married when she met Clyde.


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Dec 21, 2020
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I liked the movie, especially Pollard's and Dub Taylor's performance, and yes, they movie and many books made them out to be something they weren't, which was glamorous and tragic, but that is indeed the way the pop culture of the time portrayed bank robbers and outlaws as heroes, so the movie is dead on as a sociological portrait of the era. Cops and business people were not popular at all, and for good reason. Dillinger is another example.

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