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Births fall to 42-year low in U.S.


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Aug 16, 2011
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Back to the point....

It is simple math.
You take three generations...
a) Grandparents
b) Parents
c) Children
The way the wheel works is Group C will pay most of the retirement cost of Group B, and part of group A as that generation dies off.
Right now we have a record level lows of group C. This will have a minor effect on group A. And a dramatic effect on Group B.
And guess who group B is folks?? - Millennials. Y'all are not raising enough to take care of you when you retire.

Well you have to make a pretty good buck today to raise a child. This is especially true of single mothers. Much of the time the father helps but sometimes not. Then it begs the question: If we are having record low birth rates, how is it our population keeps increasing? :eusa_shhh:
Well yes, but you don't pay it all at once. And most of the expenses come in the first 5 years. Kids become much cheaper after that age, basically you just feed and clothe them.

As to your other note... the populations that are increasing are those that have no intention of supporting their child. They let the government pay for it. So for those folks - kids are free, in fact can make you money.
Fertility rates are FALLING. Without immigration, our national population would be in decline by now.
No....MORAL people which isn't the illegals or welfare hos-----would naturally care about the well being of their offspring and ability to care for these offspring. Moral people have moral children generally speaking while non-moral people tend to have non-moral children............

MOral people would instinctively act to protect their existing family members and want to provide for their own kids----so naturally when face with uncertainities, poverty, disease, overpopulation especially of trash overpopulation, moral people would have fewer offspring insuring that they could provide for their children and make sure that they don't lack for anything including clean air and water.

Now--your immoral group will keep having kids because they don't give a shit about them. Because of both genetics and upbringing, their kids tend to be just as immoral and stupid and self centered and useless...they don't care about the kids or the effects on everyone else at all but they will keep having kids and demanding that the moral responsible people take care of them and their kids------eventually the overall population becomes dumber and more immoral.

Kick the illegals and their trash offspring, moral people would then be more likely to have more kids. End welfare as we know it..stop paying druggies and criminals to have huge number of kids.
Pointless, rambling nonsense. ^^^^^

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