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Biden’s Effort to Destroy America

The Original Tree

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Dec 8, 2016
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50 years and zero accomplishments. After two months of Joe being handed papers to sign, we should be grateful for those 50 years. It’s only been two months, but here’s a list of Joe’s I’m Going to Screw America accomplishments so far. The list is incomplete, additional items are to be added.

Oil pipeline banned, thousands of jobs lost.

Fracking banned, thousands of jobs lost.

Border crisis initiated with tens of thousands of children now in cages at the border.

Piles of razor wire and 30,000 armed troops Joe doesn’t trust keeping people out of our nations Capitol.

Women hoping to get sports scholarships must now compete against male athletes to get them.

Energy costs skyrocketing with no end in sight.

Stock market barely performing above your checking interest rate.

Another $2 Trillion in debt to pay Dem special interests and foreign nations while Americans in need get a grain of rice.

Mentally ill who think they’re another sex get special rights healthy people do not get.

Puts children in same sleeping area with the coyote who smuggled the child across the border.

Our taxes now pay for abortions around the world.

Inflation rising as irresponsible regulations put on US businesses.

Ordered Federal prisons to be closed, which will lead to a lack of prison space which will lead to violent felons being released early.

Destroyed the military by turning it into a political branch of the government.

Destroyed the military by lowering standards.

Eliminated travel restrictions from terrorist nations.
Think back to the Obama agenda to destroy and marginalize America, and now you know why they tried to cheat in 2016 to get Hillary in to office, and to remove President Trump almost from the second he was sworn in, and now you know why they also cheated and scammed The American People with a Fake Pandemic and illegally changing election laws to make it easier to succeed at cheating in 2020, where they failed to do back in 2016.

This is worse than "Biden destroying America" It is Biden's Puppet Masters trying to Subjugate America and bring it under the thumb of The New World Order and forever destroying Democracy, Individual Liberties, The Rule of Law, Our Constitution, and principles of Natural Law.
Individual liberties like?
Free Speech for one is definitely an endangered species, so that, and the right to refuse complying with wearing religious or politically motivated face coverings such as we see done to people living under the oppression of Sharia Law, or under he Tyranny of Liberals. Also, it is illegal and Unconstitutional to close a church, restrict worship of any kind, or to limit the capacity of a church. So you also have an issue with The Marxists, Globalists, DemNazis stomping all over Freedom of Religion too.

Quit playing dumb moron. Who are you Senile Joe Biden?

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