Biden’s Approval Rating at 48% — 9 Points Under Trump When He Entered Office, 3 Points Under Trump As He Left


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Mar 17, 2015
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Put it this way, now pay attention, I would rather live among ghetto gun murdering nigga's and I do, than be near a white racist brain dead fool, who's pissed off over least you can look out for a nigga coming at you, you mf's can be a cop, a cable guy a fuckin boss or, give me a thug any fuckin day of the week...just call me a white woman.....LOLOLOLOLO
You MAY be a woman but with those sort of statements you definitely ARE racist. But, on the plus side, you're honest about it.
I suggest you archive me, I hate on everybody, I even hated on Obama a few times....Like I said, I can't stand ignorant people and I can't stand stupid. I wish you knew me at work....I am hated, because I hate doing stupid shit that makes no sense and I have no problems bucking the system to get shit done faster and I have a folder 3 feet deep to prove it. They want to fire me so bad, they can taste it and they meaning white people...LOLLOLOL....I hate stupid shit, plain and simple.

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