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Biden = War in the Middle East


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Dec 21, 2020
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Everything that is disagreeable and connected to Israel is alleged to be an outgrowth of the perniciously evil ideology of Zionism. Anti-Arab racism among Israeli football-club ultras is viewed as part of Zionist ideology. The recent opposition to African migrants in Tel Aviv was viewed as the result of racist Zionists wishing to retain Israel’s Jewish character, despite the fact that many modern European, distinctly non-Zionist states also have unfounded fears and loathing of migrants.

In the same way that, to European anti-Semites in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, ‘the Jew’ came to symbolise something more than simply a Jewish person, so a ‘Zionist’ is no longer simply a person who believes in Zionism – he’s an evil menace to the world, to peace, to Western values. Just as ‘the Jew’ became a demonic abstraction upon which the simple-minded could blame the ills of the world, so ‘the Zionist’ plays a similar role today.

To call oneself a Zionist now is to invite a torrent of abuse. While Ed Miliband supports Israel, he realised quickly that calling oneself a Zionist is akin to calling oneself a racist or an enemy of civilisation.

The Zionist is now the imagined source of every problem in the Middle East, and a great many of the problems around the world.

The manufacturing of fear

These people had their property, jobs and citizenship .. and their lives taken from them by the Nazis..
Why is every mostly Islamist country a Sharia hell hole? Still waiting…

Cuz Amurka made them that way! It's never their own fault, you know.

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