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Biden regime has gone full authoritarian


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Oct 9, 2019
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Republicans the last decades back to Nixon and GHW Bush as China's Ambassador, have pushed for China trade.
Repubs wanted to play china against the soviet union during the cold war

Just as we supported other questionable dictatorships in an effort to defeat the russian menace

Later, big brains in academia hoped that trade with china would result in democracy blooming

But it never happened

Now globalists have created a monster

Colin norris

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Apr 25, 2021
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The Biden regime released their new plan to counter "domestic terrorism."

It's not by using laws. It's a "domestic terrorist manual" being sent out to the law enforcement agencies (FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc). It's a way to circumvent laws and the US Constitution in order to go after political opponents and all that dare disagree with the left.

It claims racism is the number one problem in America and labels all white supremacists as domestic terrorists. It was written by people who think simply being white makes you racist. Who think being a white Trump support makes you a white supremacist domestic terrorist. It uses vague terms and allows the government total discretion of who fits into that category.

It goes after people for "anti-government" and "anti-authority" sentiment but doesn't really describe anything specific. So that could include supporting the US Constitution, supporting limited government, and questions about the Wuhan virus.

It also focuses on "incitement of violence" once again using vague terms. A few examples are given though: if you question the 2020 election, if you even talk about election fraud, if you dare question the Wuhan virus. Those things could supposedly incite violence under the form of domestic terrorism and therefore the Biden regime has given themselves full rein to do as they see fit.

In order to do this they have four pillars which include: increasing surveillance on citizens using big tech and using the information big tech already has on all of us. The financial sector would give the government your personal information. They would censor what information we're allowed access to online, in schools at all levels, in libraries, even in our own homes. They want to turn neighbors and families on each other by encouraging everyone to become a government snitch.

The last pillar is how they plan on pushing their agenda: by using gun violence as an excuse for gun confiscation, critical race theory to demonize white people and give them more reason to round us up, and the BS "equity" trope.

These are the actions of people who want Nazi Germany with a communist Chinese flair. It is in direct opposition of the US Constitution. But let's be real, the left HATES the Constitution. It stops them from complete control.

What is really sick is that the leftist media is putting out stories that the document doesn't go far enough, they want to give the government MORE power to silence millions upon millions of Americans. They fully support the federal goverment rounding up and punishing those who don't blindly agree with them.

What's even worse is that the leftist sheep will either ignore the threat (look no further than the ensuing angry replies from resident leftist twits which can be all summed up by "nuh-uh!") or they will fully embrace the document, claiming "racist, white supremacist Trump supporters are domestic terrorists so they deserve it!" Not a single one of them will realize they support the very kind of authoritarian rule they cried for years Trump was doing (but wasn't).

If you ever wondered how Nazi Germany came to be, how the citizenry could just let it happen, look no further than the leftist twits right on this board. They aren't any different than any other useful idiots all over the world who have supported authoritarian regimes. Too bad they chose to be ignorant, they'd know that once authoritarian regimes take full control, it's the useful idiots who are slaughtered first.

We are entering a very dark period in American history. I hope patriots and the US Constitution prevail.

I assume the dark.period is the election of democrats . What a load of rubbish. Now you invent scare tactics threatening an over throw of democracy. You do go on with some idiot talk.

Racism is the biggest threat and it you originates from white Americans who believe they are superior because of their skin colour. You guys arrived as convicts but we're too lazy to do the work.
Now the black man is having his piece of the pie and you don't like it.
You're white supremeist alright.
You've got plenty to be intimidated about if the black man gets more power.

Wow, talk about revisionist history. You really are stupid, aren't ya?


Not at all. That's what the OP was implying. The same scenario was not mentioned during trumps term but the direction of the country got slightly worse. Now your nemesis is there it's all doom and gloom. How coincidental?

You can call me stupid all you like but I'm right and you know it. It's about condemning the administration because you hate them. Nothing else.
Now who do you think who is stupid?

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