Biden makes a gaffe

Reportedly, Biden's official White House Transcripts have been corrected 148 times just this year alone because of his incredibly serious cognitive decline stuttering issue.

“It was then, through no — through my American Rescue Plan which every American [Republican] voted against, I might add — we made the largest investment in public safety ever,”

President Joe Biden seemed to slip up his words during a speech to voters.
On Thursday, Biden said,
“Are you ready to choose unity over division?
Dignity over demolition?
Truth over lies?
Are you ready to choose freedom over democracy?
Because that’s America.”

“Are you ready to choose unity over division?" Biden and the Dirty Democrats work very hard every day to divide Americans by gender, race, religion, class and region.
"Dignity over demolition?" what does that mean?
"Truth over lies?" omg Biden and Dems lie about everything all of the time, only their crazy cult believes them.
"Are you ready to choose freedom over democracy?" LMAO The Democrats are totalitarian tyrants.
Thief in Chief Biden makes a gaffe most every time he opens his mouth.

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