Biden Immigration Fiasco Is Worsened By Clueless Mayors


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Oct 20, 2013
By now, everyone knows about th debacle that Biden's open border policies has brought about in US cities where migrants have been bused (or flown) to. The cities are struggling with the massive influx of these most recent migrants who are unable to find jobs, can't afford housing, are sleeping in parks, bus stations, and out in the streets. Many migrants are resorting to panhandling door to door, and to crime.

So what are the mayors and city councils doing about this ? Exactly the wrong things. They are perpetuating the problem, and worsening it by spending taxpayers' dollars (intended for Americans) to house and feed the migrants. Some of this housing has had high price tags in luxury hotels.

Take a look at the migrants themselves. Why are they coming here ? They are coming to United States cities that have >>
  • high crime (worse than lower crime countries they migrate past)
  • severe culture problems (LGBT) incl. in schools
  • jobs scarce (except skilled)
  • resource shortages (ex. water)
  • environmental problems (ex. East Palestine, CA wildfires & floods, air & water pollution) - all worse than in thr home countries
  • political problems - people being railroaded with bogus charges, denied due process rights
  • severe cold in northern cities (New York, Chicago, Denver, etc) Much worse than in their warmer Latin American countries.
So why here ? One answer > Welfare $$$$$. And as long as sanctuary city officials keep pumping these $$$ to migrants, the migrants will keep on sucking them in - that's what lured them here in the first place.

In a youtube video, some unemployed migrants hanging around a street corner, were being told about some unskilled jobs that were available nearby. The video showed about a dozen migrants being told this. Not a single one was interested in the jobs.

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NYC mayor, Eric Adams, is a dope. He never understood the manifestations of sanctuary city policies past the jive talking points Democrats always give. Now NYers are learning in real time about the downfalls of electing an intellectual midget. It's too bad that they had to elect someone to find out how delusionally naive they are. Back to MAGA
The mayors just want our money....That's the bottom line.

Instead of imposing austerity measures to social programs they want more fed grift money.

Hell they already done stole all that fed covid grift money and are looking for more.

I say let them stew in their own juice.
I say the same. They called themselves sanctuary cities. Now they're beginning to find out what that means.

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