Biden Committing Political Suicide w/ American Rescue Bill!

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Jun 6, 2007
Joseph Biden is mind bogglingly failing the American people as President of the United States. President Biden campaigned as a center-left politician yet in regards to his actions as President advancing legislation he is behaving as a full fledged left wing politician; he is delegating the job of negotiating legislative bills to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer who are one hundred percent left-wing politicians. The way Joe Biden is running his Presidency he is just a figurehead and an enabler for the left wing of the Democrat Party. The Pandemic Relief bill currently being assembled is a perfect example of how President Biden is behaving as a left wing extremist. The country absolutely definitely needs a relief bill the percentage of the American population needed to be vaccinated to end the pandemic is not going to be achieved until around August so the public restrictions mandated to stop the spread are not going to be lifted across the country until August/September so the nation's economy is not going to really bounce back until then so the unemployed, small business and state and local governments are going to desperately need help bridging the gap which the relief bill will facilitate. What America is getting with Joe Biden's rescue plan is a Democrat President and Democrat Congress taking advantage of the situation by doing social engineering and changing flawed policy in the emergency bill don't get me wrong many of the things they want to do are good but it is not the time or place to do it for one they want to make a whole slew of tax changes but it should be done in a later bill where they repeal many of the 2017 tax cuts so that these social benefiting tax changes can be paid for.

Joe Biden really needs to change his strategy and perspective about the job of Presidency or he is going to ruin the great and successful Presidency that is readily available to him. First off he has to recognize and live out that recognition that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer aren't his friends there may be circumstances where these people are his allies but he should keep in mind the relationship is definitely limited. Pelosi and Schumer are jaded politicians that have been in Washington way too long for them their work in Congress is all about winning against the Republicans and advancing the far-left political agenda they don't give a damn about the long-term interests of America. Which means President Biden has to stop delegating the job of legislative negotiations with moderate Republicans to these two characters. Which further means that he has to go out and find a person with the needed extraordinary ability and skill set to be his key negotiator and he has to empower that person to formulate comprise deals with groups of Congresspersons he can then sign off on; he, Kamala Harris and Ron Klain cannot do this they have to many other obligations so they don't have the time to negotiate the bipartisan deals to pass the bill, it is a full time job bringing these deals into existence; furthermore, he is going to need such a key negotiator for all the other major legislations he wants to pass: immigration reform, healthcare reform et al. these bipartisan deals aren't going to happen without a lot of hard work by a lead negotiator that really has his or her act together. This key negotiator has to be exceptionally intelligent and have a facile mind that can master complex subjects and is very creative and analytical in order to craft good compromises and then sell them to the American people for his administration; Jennifer Granholm from his administration could do it Democrats outside your administration that could do it would include David Axelrod and Hillary Clinton. This is really vital if he wants to be a unifying President if he wants to sign bipartisan bills he has to open up his own negotiation front on these legislative matters and cut the deals with moderate Republicans and then rally rank and file members of the Democrat caucus to vote for these bills. President Biden's administration really seems to be on the wrong track when the American people hear things like on February 3 President Biden has a conference call with the Democrat Congressional Caucus and a White House meeting with Democrat Top Congressional officials on the Relief bill and he tells them you guys can compromise I got your back and I really think that a significant number of Republicans are going to sign onto this they wonder what is going through this guys head! What does he think Nancy and Chuck are going to do something like appoint Senator Manchin a Senator with a good track record of reaching across the aisle to negotiate for the caucus doesn’t he realize that they consider the West Virginia Senator a perennial thorn in their side or maybe Joe thinks Nancy and Chuck will bring back former good moderate Democrat Senators like Mary Landrieu or Evan Bayh doesn’t he realize that they don’t even consider these people good Democrats anymore; it is remarkable how naïve the President is about how things will play out in this Democrat controlled Congress!

What is so sad is how Joe Biden has abandoned his centrist roots that stand for protecting to whatever extent needed the vital institutions of our Democracy in that he is poised to ruin a valuable tool in the nation's tool box for managing the nation's finances to reduce budget deficits that being the tool of reconciliation. Joe Biden knows what I am about to say but he doesn't focus on it because he has become distracted with the adoration of the Democrat base and the left wing media over the President falling in line with exactly what Democrat Congressional leadership so they can go on their spending spree. Reconciliation is a tool for passing bills thru both chambers of Congress that sidelines the normal ability of the minority in the Senate to block bills coming up for vote in the Chamber by the minority just indefinitely keeping open the debate on a bill, filibustering a bill, reconciliation limits the debate to 20 or 10 hours for a bill proceeding through the Senate chamber with this moniker. To put it more simply with Reconciliation the majority doesn't have to get sixty Senator votes to pass a bill through the Senate Chamber the needed number of Senator votes in order to stop a filibuster, the majority will only need fifty votes when the majority Party also holds the White House where the Vice-President can break a tie. This tool of Reconciliation was created in the 1970's and has been used twenty-one times in our Country's history to pass bills essentially nineteen times it was used for deficit reduction and twice just to lower taxes. This is very critical the precedent for using this legislative tool calls for this tool to only be used in very limited circumstances what President Joseph Robinette Biden wants to do is kill this precedent by using this tool to pass an emergency (Pandemic relief) bill why this is very very important is that our nation regularly has to pass emergency bills whether it be to pass relief bills for hurricanes and tornadoes or emergency bills to address a national security need for America. What we also know is that no one political party indefinitely holds the reigns of power in both the White House and the Congress meaning one day the Republicans will again hold the White House, the House and the Senate and when one of these biennial emergency bills comes up to help Americans wiped out by a hurricane and a contingent of Republicans as they always do call for cutting one or more social programs to help pay for it President Biden just gave the Republicans the ability to enact such a bill into law by establishing that the mechanism of reconciliation can be used for emergency bills. These social spending cuts that will be seen implemented will be hurting the needy and low and middle income Americans it is terrible and reprehensible that the current protection against such cuts that exist in the current precedent standard for reconstruction bills is going to be ruined by President Biden in his rush to pass a Pandemic Relief bill!

What also ticks me off and should most Americans is how Joe Biden doesn't respect how our Democracy works in enacting laws; I am not saying our system shouldn't be better we should be electing member of Congress whose agenda is only doing what is best for America not getting reelected but that is neither here nor there. The way America passes laws is often described as America passes laws "by crisis" I prefer the terminology that America passes law "thru pain"; this means that America lets situations in our country deteriorate so bad to cause so much pain that it compels members of Congress and the President to pass a law that ameliorates the problem or lessens the pain. Major bills passed in 2008 and 2009 to address the Great Recession embodied this so did the major Coronavirus bills passed last year are some examples. What President Biden needs to do is stop committing legislative malpractice with his behavior like I need to sign the next relief bill quickly so I can move onto the infrastructure bill or do this or that. He needs to respect the system if Republicans and Democrats aren't reasonable and responsible about the provisions of the next pandemic relief bill the country will experience pain and the pain has to be allowed to grow. When unemployment runs out on March 14 and the twenty million people that lost work from Covid 19 and need these UC monies to pay their rent, buy food and their needed pharmaceuticals begin to experience this absence America has to see the suffering on these people unfold. When the vaccination rate hits fifty percent then tanks because those remaining are angry with authorities that did not show a balanced perspective with their heavy handed societal restrictions and the groups administering the vaccines don't have money for outreach to these Americans the country needs to see this blockage on our recovery from the pandemic. When states and counties don't get the relief bill monies to make up from their tax losses and have to do more layoffs the American people got to see it. When the stimulus money doesn't hit the economy and the financial markets begin factoring this in and stock prices begin falling the American people have to see this. When American executive start seeing that their monthly and quarterly financial results and projections fall because no relief bill and publicly announce roll backs in capital spending the American people have to see this. Joe Biden took the job of President of the U.S. but doesn't want to do the job he just wants the accolades of the job doing the job means stomaching how the system works to produce good laws!

What really turns me off and should most Americans is how these left-wing Democrats are spinning and distorting history to justify their abusive behavior in passing this next pandemic relief bill; these Democrats say they want to avoid the mistake of 2009 where the Republicans caused them to pass an ineffective stimulus bill. Granted the Republicans behavior in 2009 was epically bad they put party over country at the time, the stimulus bill should have been significantly bigger and Republicans are to blame. But this comparison is a comparison of apples to oranges. The Great Recession was ten times worse that this pandemic shutdown of the economy the nation was in grave danger of an economic depression the banking industry was teetering on the brink of collapse it was only the banking stress test system that put a solid foundation under this critical industry. When the hundreds of thousands of people were losing their job per month no one knew when and if the economy would bounce back. With the current crisis we know once the pandemic ends the economy is going to bounce back at least to a two-thirds degree America is going to be okay we aren't going into a depression over this. Back in 2009 Reconciliation was not an option to respond to the Great Recession today it is; I am guessing here but I believe in 2009 the Senate and House rules on Reconstruction is such bills could not increase the deficit such rules have subsequently been changed. The meaning of this is that in 2009 the federal government spent $105 billion on infrastructure to respond to the economic crisis; this year I believe that the plan is to boot strap a 1.5 billion infrastructure bill to a reconciliation bill authorized as a permitted tax change reconstruction bill. Further I believe this reconstruction bill will inject at least $200 billion additional money into the economy on a yearly basis in the form of social programs spending. Bottom line this relief bill doesn't hold the same importance as the 2009 relief bill; Democrats can stop blowing smoke in our faces over this!

President Joe Biden if he has the sense that he was born with will hit the pause button on this idea of using the reconciliation process to pass within the next two months a relief bill he cannot fundamentally hurt America and not pay a major price for it. Learn from the 2017 mistake by the Republicans in passing a tax reform bill that increased the deficit by over two trillion dollars over ten years and thereby put the country in a deficit trajectory that is unfixable by any reasonable tax increase/spending cut deal and will ultimately result in the nation defaulting on it's sovereign debt; it cost the Republicans the House in 2018 and the Senate and the White House in 2020. If President Biden loses even one seat in the Senate, Democrats drop to forty-nine, it is no Democrat reconciliation bills it is no Democrat transformation of America! President Biden is at a dreamer executive order "moment" of President Obama by this I mean when President Obama floated the idea to put all 900 thousand childhood arrivals that illegally emigrated to America when they came in the deferred action program for deportation, Republicans told President Obama don't do it don't sign the executive order because if you do you will be polluting the pool for bipartisan cooperation in Washington we won't work with you for anything major for the balance of your term. As we all know President Obama signed the EO and Republicans followed through on their threat after that signing they said things like what is the point in working with the guy we cannot trust him why pass a law with him he will just ignore the terms and do whatever he wants. If President Biden passes this American "social engineering" Rescue bill through reconciliation or for that matter any relief bill through this mechanism prior to July 1 he is permanently done in regards to having a relationship with Republicans where he can really hope to get their cooperation in passing bills, they will write him off as untrustworthy! Frankly, I don't get Joe Biden at all he is supposed to be an experienced very skilled legislator, he prides himself on that ability, now Republican leader Mitch McConnell set Joe up for success on the next relief bill by leaving the state/city aid provisions and the Covid 19 liability protection provisions out of the last relief bill, you have four Republican Senators not running for reelection so they won't be held hostage by the far right of the Republican Party you have the given three centrist Republicans Senators Murkowski, Collins and Romney, you have the fact that American is still caught in the storm of Covid 19 suffering the economic harm from this pandemic which creates enormous pressure to pass another relief bill, you think Joe would be behaving like I got this no problem I don't have to do anything unorthodox to pass the next relief bill, but no he is acting like a neophyte who is over his head! The other thing President Biden is really shooting a blank over is when the American public begins to learn the details of this American Rescue bill Democrat leaders are cooking up in Congress they are going to believe and absolutely rightly so that Democrats are incompetent stewards of America's finances, the provisions are just crazy from a responsible person perspective!
Biden has no fears of committing political suicide. After his time as President (if he can last a full term) is over, thats going to be it for him. He's too old, too tired and too forgetful to have a continuing career. All the things you pointed out show he's just happy to go along with the people
who helped put him in power. He's having his agenda set by someone else, not himself.
xi's shadow cabal whose shadow campaign brought us a shadow president is using the US government to attack America and Americans. They are planning a climate emergency complete with lockdowns and and shutdowns. They have the Dakota pipeline in their sights. Double mask. Forced vaccines. Open borders. And much more.
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