Attempted suicides double after reassignment surgery

They made abortion an industry and we had way more of them... now they are making this into an industry and people will suffer because of it.... there are so many children and adults who have so called trans gendered that are going through painful treatments to turn back....
They are taking kids who may be gay and convincing them they are in the wrong body... I can't think of anything more cruel than that....
why not?

for some, and i'm guessing, "transition" is the last resort in a life gone somehow wrong, and when even that doesn't work,

"dr howard dr fine" dr kevorkian.

The problem is transitioning is now being foisted as the first resort on anyone who has a mental issue, especially teenage girls.
You tell me .. where is your evidence (causation) that it's driven by being a red state resident?
The same can be said of your claim that there is not a causation effect. Neither can be proven. But it seems plausible to me and I typically don’t believe in magical coincidences.
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