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And The Nonsense Continues


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Jul 18, 2018
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I grew up in a better educational environment.

The teacher is the ruler in class, and not student neither principal can mess with his authority: If a student of that age made a threat against the teacher, then the teacher approached him and smacked his face. End of the story.

When parents learned about it, they not only agree with the teacher's action but they also smacked the face of their son at home.

And some more. In high school, I witnessed four fights outside the school between a student and a teacher. No matter who was the winner, it was a fight between them and after it peace returned back in class.

Of course the old system didn't prevent for some students to become criminals later on, but surely it worked better than today's methodology.
I probably don't need to tell you those days are gone.

Now, we have kids running out of the school and we can't stop them.

I got hit a couple weeks ago. To put this in perspective, I am 5'0 tall and weigh well less than 100 lbs. So I got hit, again, by a student--nothing gets done. Oh, when something gets done, it is, "What did you do to provoke it?" We can't lay hands on the kids by state order. Not even in self defense except in "emergency" situations.

I didn't even tell my husband. He would have gone into the school this time and probably--not kidding--hit someone on my behalf. He's sick of it. I've been pushed, hit, had stuff thrown at me. Yes by kids, but check my size.

Nothing is done.

Or, it's our fault.

This is coast to coast. Do your research, people.

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