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An Open Letter to Yahoo


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Jun 30, 2018
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Yahoo, I would like to inform you 0bama was the worst president in our life time and from what I have read all history. To his credit are over 600 deaths in Mexico, mostly military and police. His illegal war in Libya caused the deaths of 130,000 of the ones he told us he had to save to start his genocide in the first place without a word from you. According to the South Africa Lawyers Associations 0bama is responsible for thousands of deaths of innocent people all across Africa including 500 children with drone attacks. I don't recall any of the African nations being a threat to America including Libya. Obama used drones to kill Americans and their children without due process or trial. I don't recall you ever doing a story on this or any Constitutional violations he committed on a daily basic so just maybe you didn't know.

If I were you I would first look into the allegations I have made. Try a simple web search or ask anyone who knows what's up. 0bama is not the real nice guy you have made him out to be. That's why the stories you ran about 'Is He Muslim or a Christian' when if you knew his history you would know one that can kill babies who.'s hearts are beating and who's lungs are breathing along with tens of thousands of innocent people can be neither and one who must think he is god.

Now that your 'news' agency have confirmed my allegations I'm sure you see the error of your ways. I look for your story putting light on just what a piece of dog lawn decor 0bama is, and always was. Maybe an editorial on the benefits of hanging him, letting him rot from the tree as a warning to anyone wanting to take his place would make up for your shady reporting and lack of. Maybe you can show a little morality and place the story with one of your 'he said she said' Trump hate pieces you remove or, there are always two options, burn in Hell.

Thanks badbob


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