An Open Letter to the Super Committee of Twelve


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Dec 31, 2010
An Open Letter to the Super Committee of Twelve

Let’s be honest here, Senator, you were selected for the Super Committee because you and the rest are considered political hacks that aren’t easily swayed and are persuasive rather than bipartisan negotiators. You are probably all whom we do not need at a time like this but the opposite.

Is there one of you who can begin this meeting with a a “Top Secret” approach that that negotiations will be held in the strictest of confidence and party affiliation will be forgotten? Can all of you then think in terms of statesmen Saving the Country as early framers beginning the Great Experiment?

There may be no other time in history when Europe is financially crumbling, England is rioting through class and race warfare, the US is close to the brink of disaster and global unrest evolves around us.

The United States once was thought of a stabilizing factor on this globe. You twelve can continue to bicker and trigger the obvious penalty we all are waiting for through gridlock expected from those who cannot see further than their own party. At a time when history needs. YOU, can you stand up to the plate and make it into the books to come? We and our grandchildren need YOU now.

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