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Advice for the Non-Progs during this Oligarch-Fascist Era


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Mar 4, 2013
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imo boedcca raises the issue that is "the" post Trump issue.

What is "first amendment" and what has that to do with an informed citizenry. Twitter is banning people who intentionally post false facts about the election. There is NO showing of fraud or cheating. Trump lost.

But where does reality end and a false narrative based on lies begin? I thought that was boedecca's topic

Trump's defense to impeachment was "oh I was just encouraging a peaceful protest" (which is bs) but also irrarelevant because he was stating lies. What should we do about liars who mislead just nto gain power?

But boedecca oints out thatp we are beholden to the globalist oligarchy. There really are few real small businesses, and even a food truck is subject a recession brought about by the global bond market, and a swindle. In 1820 we could go steal some native American land and farm. We might starve if the elite deprived us of credit, but we could elect a government to tale control of credit.

20-30 years ago there were 3 tv stations plus pbs and maybe ten news magazines. The economist was cutting edge, and they really did hire at least one soviet spy. But the disinformation of the dems being run by pedophiles in a NY pizzeria? And better yet, a stolen election. There was nothing stolen unless you think giving Dreamers scholarship preference over your kids is theft. Not to mention race based preference. That's what Trump was really selling those nutjobs at the Capitol. (1776 again LOL) Trump can't sell that shit without people getting "information'via social media. Information that is propaganda based on lies to prop up a set of beliefs.

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