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A Look at Chuck Todd and Conspiratorial Media Incest


Aug 13, 2012
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A Saner Place
In other words, Chuck, it is you and your colleagues in the New York-Washington media corridor who are corroding trust — not by covering what Jack Welch and Donald Trump say, but merely by reporting as you do on the issues you cover or are not covering. The American public has grown cynical and tired of a left-leaning media establishment that refuses to acknowledge its own liberalism and that has become insular and removed from the affairs of Americans across the country. The media establishment relates to people who live within 25 miles of the Atlantic or Pacific and relates poorly to people who live within 50 miles of American river valleys other than the Hudson.

The only major news network that seems to understand and report on issues people who live near river valleys cares about is Fox News. But the media would rather wash their hands of Fox and claim them a “conservative” organization that recognize that most major media outlets don’t know jack about what happens around the Mississippi River, Missouri River, Red River, Tennessee River, Ohio River, and the rest of the prominent river valleys in the country. Flip on any major news network other than Fox and you’ll be greeted by reports heralding gay marriage, an issue that has failed repeatedly in more than half the states, a generally liberal social world view, Washington compromising jacking up the national debt, and unquestioning acceptance that a poorly produced video on the internet caused our American Ambassador in Libya to die. You’ll probably even get some poo-pooing about excesses of the First Amendment with regards to Coptic Christians and Citizens United, but rarely about pornography or the press itself.

A Look at Chuck Todd and Conspiratorial Media Incest | RedState

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