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A Glimpse of the Island Missions

Fed Starving

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Mar 26, 2020
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Tessa and Heike were to meet at the resort diner on a Hawaiian beach. Heike was a special agent and Tessa was his informant. The plan was that Tessa would provide location information and then take a payment in return. They didn't know each other before the meeting and Heike was to be cautious. She might set him up and his agency couldn't take that risk, so he was sent to Hawaii with a team of two more, Templeton and Norman.

Templeton and Norman arrived in Hawaii a day early to scope out the resort and set up their own secret surveillance. They would be on the lookout for anyone that might accompany Tessa to the resort while a fourth unknown agent would track her the distance between the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport and the resort. This fourth agent would report to the operations manager in the continental states and he in turn would notify Templeton and Norman of important information that he might have resulting from the surveillance plus whatever new information relayed to him since his last meeting with the team.

Heike and Tessa were communicating through smart phones and privacy risks are too great for special agents to organize their operations using smart phones. Heike’s team was able to completely duplicate Tessa’s phone software, take her passwords, copy her mTessages, retrieve all of her phone contacts and continue to monitor everything she did on her phone in a matter of minutes of receiving the phone number she gave to Heike. No doubt the same was being done with Heike’s phone. Heike could not use a smart phone to stay in contact with Templeton and Norman. Protocol was that they would call his phone only when they observed that his life was in danger and they should warn him and inform him of a safe escape. Likewise, Heike would not contact them unless the same circumstances were in swing. He didn’t know where they would be or what routine they’d planned, so chances of him being able to inform them were they in danger were almost zero.

Heike was single, never married and had bastard children with three different women. Much of this was because within his profession he was always travelling and with a lot of the missions he was ordered to complete his life was seriously endangered should something wrong happen. Each day could be his last, even when he wasn’t on a mission.

So, Heike became a ladies man and a habitual swinger. He wasn’t always like this, it sort of happened because of his profession.


Heike’s flight was positioning to land at the airport. His phone rang and he answered with, “Heike here.”

Tessa said, “Hi. Tessa here. Would you mind meeting me an hour ahead of schedule? Something came up and I must leave at 5:00pm, could we meet at 3:00pm instead of 4:00pm?”

Heike said, “Yes, I’m landing right now and should have plenty of time to get ready for the meeting.”

Tessa said, “Thank you, Heike. See you then.”

“See ya.” said Heike and then hung up.

The plane started descending, and then banked right, allowing him to see the endless ocean and the Hawaiian islands with ease. He’d been here before but that was years ago and he didn’t get a window seat then.

The landing went well and as they taxied down the runway and towards the terminal passengers throughout the plane were getting anxious, standing up and retrieving their luggage before an attendant instructed them that it was alright. The attendants took their positions and informed the passengers to, “Please wait till the plane is parked in the terminal before retrieving your luggage. Clear the aisles, clear the aisles.”

Most of the passengers returned to their seats. A few passengers retrieved their luggage anyways before returning to their seats.


Heike got a rental car and drove to the resort. When he arrived and handed the car keys to a valet it was 1:10pm. A bellhop rolled his luggage into the reception area for him and he went to the reception desk. Reservation for Heike Tenderton. He handed his credit card and ID card to the hostess. She said, “Welcome, Heike. Single bed room with all the amenities, two day stay, correct?”

Heike said, “Yes.”

The hostess said, “What time would you like room service to clean your room in the morning? Or would you want them to skip your room during your stay?”

Heike said, “Skip.”

The hostess said, “Alright, here’s your receipt, the bellhop can show you to your room.” She handed him his cards and he was off to his room, following his bellhop.

The bellhop opened the room door then handed him the keys. He said, “Sir, would you like me to wheel this luggage into your room?”

Heike said, “No, I can get it. Here’s a tip.” Handing the bellhop a twenty dollar bill.

The bellhop handed him his keys and said, “Thank you, sir. If you need anything you can go ahead and use the telephone, the instructions are on the table. I am going to be on duty till midnight and then a new bellhop is handing the night shift till noon. Anything else, sir?”

Heike said, “No, thank you. Take it easy.”

The bellhop said, “And you too.” Then walked away.

Heike wheeled the luggage into his room and then locked the door. Three hours should be plenty of time to get cleaned up and organized.


At 3:45pm Heike was all ready to go, having showered and shaved and put on a brand new suit. The restaurant where he was going to meet Tessa was connected to the housing section of the resort through a glass hallway that cut across the sand. This second section of the resort contained a few restaurants, an aquatics gear shop and a regular convenience store with tourist merchandise on display. Heike found the restaurant and saw a woman patiently waiting outside of it.

Heike said, “Hi miss, are you Tessa?”

She said, “Yes, and you are Heike?”

Heike said, “Yes. Shall we?” and then opened the entrance door to the restaurant for Tessa.

Tessa entered first and then Heike followed. She was carrying both a purse and a leather binder that could fit folders within it.

They were seated and ordered their meals before the waitress could leave, both eating lightly.

Tessa started off with, “I was able to get the paperwork that you requested. My company keeps a deep record filing system that fills a large room all on it’s own. Also, along with what you requested were related records that I thought were equally valuable within the topic of the matter and I was able to get those also.”

Heike said, “And you didn’t find difficulty retrieving these records?”

Tessa said, “No, not at all. I was alone and pretty much in sole control of the area. Remember, I am a Director at my company. Nobody is going to know anything about what I did.”

Heike said, “Alright, and the payment is the same with the bonus records?”

Tessa said, “Yes. If you’d like to pad up the payment go ahead but that wasn’t the deal so I wouldn’t think you’d be fully prepared for a different price.”

Heike said, “Yes, you are right. I am not prepared. The original agreed payment is in my coat pocket. Would you mind if I checked the record first before paying?”

Tessa said, “I suppose that I might be able to let you. The papers are right here.” She placed the leather binder onto the table off of the chair next to her. The binder had a zipper on it. She opened the zipper and reached inside. She slid the leather binder with her hand inside of it along the tabletop quickly, pointing it in Heike’s direction. Heike acted quicker and was already starting to leap leftward out of his chair when she fired shot one off. He was hit under his arm along one of his lower right ribs. The pain fired up his side.

He rolled as he landed, drawing his own gun out of the inside of his coat. He would have a few seconds to hit her or she would most likely kill him with her next shot. She yanked the gun out of the leather binder concealment and quickly stood up, stepping around the diner table and lifting her gun up to aim. They aimed simultaneously. A moment after Heike hit the floor they both fired a shot. His shot connected, hitting her in the elbow nearly parallel with her arm while her shot missed, hitting the restaurant floor between his chin and his shoulder. Tessa squealed out sharply, the gun flying out of her hand. The restaurant staff was running out the door.

Heike got on his feet and took her gun, commanding her, “Sit.”

Blood was oozing out between her fingers, she clenched hard as she could.

Heike kept his gun trained on her with his left hand as he lifted the leather binder to see what was inside of it. Some sort of stuffing. He turned the leather binder upside down and shook out the contents. Gift box stuffing made out of very thin delicate paper. Nothing else at all.

Heike said, “You didn’t bring the papers. You didn’t bring a damn thing, didn’t you?”

Tessa’s eyes were watering up, she quietly said, “No.” Blood drops were falling off her pinky.

Heike said, “What now? What have you to say?”

Tessa didn’t say anything.

“I am going to take it from here, sir. Please lower your weapon.” said a familiar voice behind him. He turned around, it was Templeton. Templeton was ready with his own gun drawn.

Heike immediately quit training his gun on Tessa and said, “She shot first. Tell me where to place the weapons.”

Templeton said, “Right over there on the bar stool. Put them there and then go sit at that table over there. I am going to stand here and make sure that not either of you leave till the authorities arrive.


The police and ambulance arrived and F.B.I. were on their way. Tessa was taken to the hospital with a police guard to ensure that she didn’t escape. She was taken without unveiling that Heike and Templeton worked together. Once she was gone Templeton identified himself as a government agent and was able to verify that Heike was too. Heike gave his report and police checked the cameras to verify that Tessa shot first and that all of Heike’s actions were in self-defense. The agents didn’t report the details of their operation to the police and they didn’t need to. They called up their operations manager and he was able to get them proper granted permissions to leave without police involvement. Tessa was to be taken in to get interrogated at a secret location within the continental states.


A month later Heike and his team received the information that they needed resulting out of the interrogation of Tessa. Their operation manager sent them files with the instructions of their mission and the pertinent information about their targets.

They were anxious to find their targets and end the mission. With the end of this mission they could go their own ways and take a much needed vacation. Lay low. Clear their minds. Particularly Heike who has been working non-stop for two years without a break, completing three missions since his previous break.

They reviewed the mission objectives with their operations manager at their main office. Using a slides with a large flat screen monitor to outline his presentation. His codename was Bill. That might have been his real name because he responded well to it, but nobody could be sure.

Bill said, “We need to go to a place called Tabuaeran Island 900 miles south of Hawaii. Here’s an aerial photograph. As you can see this place is tiny and it’s a ring shape island. We must get in and out undetected. There isn’t any other way. We cannot get an insider there. So, based on the habits of the islandgoers that live there we have drawn up a plan that allows us to get this done. With some of them armed and a high level of peace there, if we should get caught then there is a low chance of getting killed. Even so, there is no way to reach our target there detected. That would be simply impossible.”

Bill clicked his remote to bring up the next slide item, showing a zoom-in of one of the buildings using the same photograph as slide one. He said, “Buried under this building here is a safe that contains plans. Those plans are the blueprints of a suppressed and secret energy machine that doesn’t use fossil fuels or turbines to run. This machine is cheaper, more productive and cleaner than all of the power plant machines around and in use today. Doesn’t produce the same power as nuclear but it’s millions of times cleaner, definitely.”

Bill clicked to slide three. A photo of a man in a suit, smiling. He said, “This man is responsible for the secrecy behind this new energy source technology and was forced to conspire to keep his newfound plans secret or face death. Since then, he has gone deeper into his high class conspiracy and has done many horrible things. If we take him down before we yank his blueprints then we are in for a tough deal. He has given the order to have all of his secret technologies destroyed were he to die unexpectedly or be taken in to protect his totalitarian fantasy.”

Bill turned off the slides. He said, “We are going in with scuba gear and a small submarine. This submarine can anchor off shore and reattach to the ship when you return. There is a guidance system on the submarine with a screen for navigation. You will be holding on to the submarine, which is actually more like a missile, with the many handles attached. This trip to the island should take about an hour one way. You are going to be armed with automatic rifles that can fire submerged. You are going to get scanning devices that can locate the safe and the depth that it is buried at. Shovels, goggles, breathing apparatus, all that. If the safe can be located and it isn’t too deep then we should be able to pull this off fairly quickly and easily. Any questions?”

Heike, Norman and Templeton all nodded no. Heike said, “Not at all.”

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